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chasing start WC

Show Profile  darren Posted: 14 January 2013, 12:57 AM  
Some interesting feedback and comments starting to come out about the chasing start WC race.
I was trying to watch it live online at home but the coverage was patchy. What was it like for those that were there? And more importantly what was it like for those that were running in the long line?

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 15 January 2013, 2:59 AM  
It wasn't one long line. There were groups which the largest was about 10 by the end but mostly groups of 2-3 especially near the front. It was quite exciting to watch but I do think they should have done some splitting - it wouldn't have made it less exciting for the spectators and would have forced more navigation. I heard one runner say it was Ok when you were following but as soon as you went into the front of your group it was tricky and you had to go much slower or you'd make mistakes (this wasn't a NZer btw).

Show Profile  theoman Posted: 15 January 2013, 8:35 AM  
It was not orienteering. Maybe in low vis forest u cud have a race like this but in an open farmland map it is not possible. For me I was passed by people who were only looking at the guys ass in front of them, so for me this was not enjoyable. It was a really nice course, but was not given its true credit because a lot of the important route choices were made redundant due to following.

I know the terrain was extremely physical but when crossing the finish line I felt completely unsatisfied and felt robbed of the orienteering experience. I hope iof realize the poor direction that these kinds of races will take orienteering at the very top level. Just read jerker lysells comment; something like "I followed Olav then out sprinted him at the last control". sounds more like a cross country race.




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