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NZOF Junior Camp - A success

Show Profile  theoman Posted: 21 December 2012, 9:09 PM  
1 week of intense training has been completed and our camp champions were determined.

It was really inspiring following a lot of the juniors this week. The talent, both depth and extent is truly remarkable. Thanks to all the parents who made the week so easy for us coaches, so that we could concentrate on maximising the 'orienteering experience'.

We had guest speakers from Pete Swanson, Stephen Reynolds, Eskil Kinneberg (2 times JWOC Gold Medalist) and Alistair Landels. All offered something different and I hope the kids gained a lot from their presentations.

I have no doubt that we will crush the Australian team coming to NZ for Oceania. Why are our juniors so good? Dedication, ambition and competition! A simple formula that is producing some phenomenal orienteers! Exciting times ahead!




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