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Looking for accommodation in the Auckland area

Show Profile  Will Posted: 15 December 2012, 3:48 PM  
Hello New Zealand orienteers!

Myself and a female runner make up the Canadian contingent at this years World Cups in January. Along with a friend who will be running for Great Britain, we are currently on the admittedly delayed hunt for the last few places of accommodation on our trip. None of us have formal teams to travel with, so this trip is entirely self-funded and self-planned! (we have named ourselves "Team Orphans".

Our last piece of the puzzle is that two of us have to wait in Auckland from January 1st to the 3rd for our third to arrive before we drive down to Palmerston.

I am wondering if there are any generous orienteers in Auckland who might have some available floor/couch space for the two of us. We would happily provide some recompense, such as bottles of maple syrup, and a lifetime reciprocal couch guarantee, which would currently include Lake Tahoe, USA, and& Edmonton, Alberta *cough*.

So, if anyone knows anyone, or notices an empty couch nearby, that would be really appreciated! We are all really looking forward to this trip! (its currently -14 here).

And, while I'm at it, I am the sole member of "Team Orphans" that is going to be staying long enough to do the night relay. If you know of any team that's short a member, I will happily jump in there.

You can e-mail me at

Will Critchley

Show Profile  pete s Posted: 16 December 2012, 10:47 PM  
Hi Will - you are welcome to stay at my place if you're still looking - will drop you an email with details,






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