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for our visitors

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 14 December 2012, 1:02 PM  
Don't know how many of our international visitors will even be aware of maptalk but figure there's no harm in opening a thread for anyone who has useful travel advice or updates that may help them... such as:

Tongariro National Park Volcanic safety updates:
Current status of Tongariro Alpine Crossing (as of 13/12/12):
"-Because of the continued volcanic activity, the Te Maari section of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing track will remain closed for at least another 6-7 weeks for safety reasons.
-The Tongariro Northern Circuit, along with the rest of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Track to the Emerald Lakes, and all other tracks remain open.
-The Mangatepopo road and carpark is closed to the public to relieve parking congestion while the Te Maari section of the Alpine Crossing is closed. There are a range of public transport options available from transport companies and accommodation providers throughout the district. Check with your accommodation provider or local i-site. Public car parking is also available at Whakapapa village, where shuttle services operate to the track entrance."
My interpretation is that most of the Tongariro summit area is open and accessible from either Mangatepopo or the east (via Oturere Hut) but not from the Ketetahi (North) side. This would still give you access to most of the spectacular scenery as a day walk there and back from Mangatepopo but you are unable to complete the usual full day walk crossing the Mntn, but you currently need to get a shuttle from elsewhere to get to the track

Ruapehu Crater Lake:
"Due to continued volcanic activity at the summit of Mount Ruapehu, there is a 2km recommended no go zone around the Crater Lake. People are still able to travel up the mountain and enjoy the landscape and surrounding activities."

More info, especially regarding the Tongaririo tracks at:




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