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Travel notes for Campervans coming to Oceania Carnival 2013

Show Profile  Jane H Posted: 4 December 2012, 7:09 AM  
Overnight parking for Campervans for Days 1  3 is available at Foxton Beach. This campsite is exclusively for Oceania Carnival-goers to use.

The flat, grassed area, is sheltered by pine trees and very suitable for self-contained campervans. It is only 3 minutes drive from the wide-open sandy beach.

Estimated drive times to event centres:
Fusliers, Day 1 - 1 hour
Osgiliath, Day 2 - 30 minutes
Waikawa, Day 3 - 35 minutes

Camp access is at end of Fabrin Street, Foxton Beach. The gates will open at 4.30pm on Thursday 3rd January, will stay open until 12 (noon) on Sunday 6th January.

There is a charge of $5.00 per head. Honesty payment, cash only.Please pay at the Registration desk at the event centre on any day during the Oceania Carnival.

Foxton Beach is a small beachside town very popular with summer holiday-makers during January. The closest petrol station is on SH1 at Foxton. There is a 4-square shop at Foxton Beach but the closest supermarket is in Foxton so shop before you head out to the camp.

No other facilities will be available at the camp at present. If flushed toilets are opened this will be an added bonus for you. If hot showers are made available they will be opened for a limited time only each night and provided on a user-pays basis.

Jane Herries
Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club

Show Profile  Jane H Posted: 4 December 2012, 7:30 AM  
No booking required for Foxton Beach O-campsite use. Gates open all night, just turn up and park anywhere vacant.

Show Profile  raewyn Posted: 16 December 2012, 9:29 AM  
There is a motorhome park in central Wellington which is walking distance to the Parliament map.
Check out

Show Profile  Jane H Posted: 31 December 2012, 1:21 PM  
For overnight on Friday 11th January, in Tikokino,SH50, Hawkes Bay. Parking area available just 10 minutes from event centre on Event 6 / Smedley map.

We have exclusive use of the Tikokino Rugby and Sports Park car-parking area. Entrance is on SH50, just north of the Sawyers Arm Hotel. If you get to Smedley Road, you have gone too far.

No other facilities are open so only good for self-contained O-Campervans.

No booking is necessary. No charge. The gate is unlocked at all times but please close it after you pass through it.

Just pull up anywhere vacant in the carpark area.(There may be more parking area north of the field).
NO Parking on the actual rugby field, it is NOT permitted.

Travel notes: The last petrol station and shop is in Dannevirke. Tikokino is a small rural township with few houses,a school, a church and a pub.

I wish to thank the Sport Park committee for their generosity in allowing us to use their grounds.

Enjoy your stay.

PS. If you arrive and find no room to park here, there is a large asphalted car-park area at the public toilets found down Owen St, in Tikokino township. These toilets don't seem to be have locks so may be open all night.

Show Profile  oldtimer Posted: 31 December 2012, 5:20 PM  
Can't you all just leave your snail homes at home and stop clogging up the roads.




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