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super series - from the spectator control

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 29 September 2002, 3:46 PM  
Oh no you're not.

Or do you have access to the internet on the offshore island that you've just spent most of the last week on?

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 5 October 2002, 6:14 AM  
...well, anyway...

This posting's in response to some of the ideas floating around in the original SS forum, mainly about the importance of the Nationals (and QB). I think it was Jamie who suggested that these rounds became compulsory to maximise fields, while Darren was worried that people who missed Nationals for genuine reasons like injury or whatever would then lose all their other points. I think its already been suggested, but I don't mind repeating, the compromise: Give Nationals races extra "weighting" - like double the normal points available. So giving at least two - hopefully 3 chances (Classic, Short, and hopefully Sprint) to get a lot more points than usual: If I was an elite on a limited budget, then I'd make sure to target such a weekend when deciding which races to enter!

Darren also suggested allowing "one person teams" in the NZ Relay, as another round. Sorry, but that's one idea I DON'T like as a non-elite. I think it would kind of kill the competition for the rest of us, and gives clubs one less reason to give a damn about their top people. BUT, why not make leg 1 of the relay a SS round. Yes, I've thought about the fact that its not really fair because of the split controls and all that, but would giving it a low weighting, like half or less the normal points solve that? Or if that's not enough incentive for every M&W21E to turn out for their club, what about bonus points for the first 5 or 10 or... to finish leg 1, that WILL be added to your series score regardless of what other races end up counting. The points should not be enough to effect standings every year, but enough that they could make all the difference in very close years (and if the likes of a Paul Dalton or a Carey Martin "steals" some of those points, so be it!). Just a thought - shoot it down if it deserves it....

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 December 2002, 6:00 PM  
When I didn't get as many NOS contributions as I wanted, I opened my original topic to all comers.

I have recently written a description of the Superseries as it might be for comment, and I invite all comers to contribute. It would be best if we all used the original topic now.

The description is at

Michael Wood

Show Profile  maskofsomething Posted: 6 April 2003, 8:24 AM  
I agree with simon on the park o before the nationals. This yr the park o will be run on the same day as the short course champs. will we get the same level of competiton in the park o than another day because all people will be tired and running with sore legs from the short o. People wanna see fast action packed racing, like that which we have in welly. I went to a training eveing last week and a person was called the defending champ for park o's. I cant even remember the guy winning it in the first place. Taupo had a good idea with the park o in spa park with a few spectators. The spectators though i felt were comepetitors family and freinds, get out an advertise and hold it a good hour of the day, after work etc and you'll lift the level of interest from the public.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 6 April 2003, 9:09 AM  
The restriction on the original topic having been lifted, I'm going to close this thread if I am able to. Please now use that one for your comments. As the 2003 series is under way it is unlikely that any changes can be made this time, but what we learn will be valuable for the next series which will run between late 2003 and QB 2004.

Michael Wood




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