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NZSSC 2003

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 17 September 2002, 2:38 PM  
News to me that the NZOF applied "pressure" to Nelson OC to hold the event in July. Perhaps you would care to enlighten me Mr Addison?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 18 September 2002, 3:49 AM  
Obviously if it is news to you, your federation is not working as it should.

The fact is, more people in Nelson are from my local area originally than anywhere else. I have contacts in the club.

Nelson did not want to have it in the middle holidays. The thought it would be better to have it at the end of the first holidays. Forced by the NZOF to change to the middle holidays because of "travelling time constraints". That my ass.

Enlightened enough? Perhaps you would like to make Your Federation, as well as mine, work better, so that all people are informed about decisions. And perhaps you would like to change the date to what people want, The First Holidays.

Also Rob, could you enlighten me on why the NZOF has done so. Aparently about 12 years ago a group of NZSS teachers etc who organised the events got together. They, Michael Wood, Michael Grayburn and others, decided it was best for the NZSSC to have them in the first holidays when being held in the South Island. This has worked to be a success.

It is because of the choices that they made back then, giving structure to the sport, that has made the NZSSC what it is today. They set up the rotation policy, the set up the set time, and now you have broken that even though the host club wants it to be in the set time? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Along with that, schools such as my own have planned ahead. We have counted it on being in April. We have had the structure to plan ahead, and from the offical NZ Orienteering site it has the event as being held in April. Perhaps Mr Crawford, you and you fellow Federation friends can go back and fix the mistake you have made. It would help the ones who are planned already.

Edited by - Simon Addison on 18/09/2002 13:37:41

Show Profile  mark Posted: 18 September 2002, 7:24 AM  
Sombody's starting to get a bit wound up!

Show Profile  MAMBO339 Posted: 18 September 2002, 7:50 AM  
Isn't fine just to keep it as it is now -- NI Champs in 1st Holidays and Nationals in the second. They're pretty much the same thing, just the name.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 18 September 2002, 10:58 AM  
No Fake Name, by saying that they are PAST members of Pinelands. They live there now. Sorry for any confusion.

Edited by - Simon Addison on 20/09/2002 07:53:40

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 19 September 2002, 2:36 AM  
Dearest Simon,

I'm quite happy with the way NZOF works - IMHO it's working better than your website.

With over 20 NZOF officers - most of them volunteers - I'm quite happy to admit I don't have details on all their activities - to keep tabs on them would not leave me any time to do my day job. Until you started bleating in this forum I wasn't aware that the date for next year's Sec Schools Champs was such an issue, so thank you for raising it.

As you are so good at finding information from the NZOF website, I suggest you go and read the Council minutes and you will find that we haven't discussed the date of the Sec School Champs for next year. So I remain a bit puzzled about where this so-called pressure to change the date has come from. Even you should be able to figure out that with Geoff Morrison as our Sec Schools Coordinator, perhaps he has been the one liasing with the Nelson club, and instead of getting all worked up in this forum, why don't you give him a ring and discuss with him why the date is July instead of April?

That would be doing something positive to resolve your issue, as ranting and raving in here isn't going to achieve much.

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 19 September 2002, 12:51 PM  
Who the fuck is Freg Glynn another pussy hiding behind a fake name.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 September 2002, 2:08 AM  
it is far easier to hassle NZOF and 'smokin joe' crawford than someone with the mana of Geoff Morrison.

how was the phone call Simon?




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