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Powerade Challenge

Show Profile  SteveO Posted: 12 June 2012, 2:43 AM  
The Powerade Challenge is a "virtual" race where RFID wristbands are sent to all competitors and you swipe them at a Powerade Vending machine at each end of the course. There are two courses, one on the Auckland waterfront and one on the Wellinfton waterfront. You can run it at any time in June or July and run multiple repititions during that time. It's free to enter and you get a free Powerade when you complete the course. I particularly liked the encouraging electronic billboard halfway round that scrolled "Go Steve" as I ran past.

Is there anyone else doing the Powerade Challenge in Wellington who would like to get together in an "Orienteering Wellington" team? Only one team has so far managed to get the required three qualifying times and I'm sure three orienteers could beat the 53m 52s average that "The Fit, The Fat & The Elde(rly?)" posted. Even my M40 frame managed to make it around the advertised 8km (actually 7.5km) course in 33m 26s.

You can only join one team which can then only run on one of the courses so, sorry Aucklanders, you'll have to organise your own "Orienteering Auckland" team.




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