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2013 World Cup (events 1-3) Trials

Show Profile  Oldhat Posted: 25 April 2012, 10:10 AM  
The trials will be held in the Manawatu and Wairarapa regions on the weekend of 1st / 2nd December 2012. The races are likely to mirror the formats and terrain of the World Cup races to be held in New Zealand in January 2013. Areas to be used have not yet been finalised, so any prospective triallists wishing to train in these regions should contact Bill Edwards [; 04 527 9791].

All athletes are expected to run the trial races, and selection will be based primarily on the results of the trials. Other results will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Any athlete who considers their performance at the trials will be affected by injury or illness is responsible for advising the Convener of Selectors in writing before the trials.

Peter Watson
Convener of Selectors
26th April 2012




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