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godzone adventure race

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 10 April 2012, 1:53 AM  
Really interesting race to follow this week with Chris Forne leading in team Seagate, Robbie Preston Team Blackheart, Stu Lynch, Emily Wall, Aidan Boswell, and other orienteers racing in different teams.


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 April 2012, 5:34 PM  
Excellent website. Some ARs are so hard to follow on the web it might be easier to do the bloody race. There's a nifty thing on this tracking page that lets you step the race from the start up to the present, plus things seem to be generally more findable.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 11 April 2012, 1:25 AM  
It's the best I've seen by far, and the more you fiddle around the more you find.

I reckon the race will be too long though, and most teams will be short coursed. Heaps have hardly moved overnight, after going without sleep the first night.
I like Chris's route choice this morning.

Show Profile  Rolf Posted: 11 April 2012, 5:47 AM  
Not getting much work done... Just willing the little dot to keep moving. Cool website once you figure out how to use it effectively. Variation in route choice seems minimal, but maybe that is the norm?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 11 April 2012, 7:23 AM  
Variation? Yet to see whether others will see the route choice that Seagate took or will do two slightly lesser climbs. You figured out how to switch the tracking to a map instead of photo view?

Show Profile  Chris Posted: 11 April 2012, 10:34 AM  
Aiden Boswell is in Able Tasmans, currently 15th overall.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 11 April 2012, 10:53 AM  
One Square Meal has taken the Seagate route whereas R&R Sport seem to be in 3rd and taking the suggested? route on the map. Clever preparation has put pre-recorded pics and videos on the website, they may not be actuals. Leaderboard is lagging the tracking. But I like the fact that postings seem to be answered by one of the organisers.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 12 April 2012, 5:50 AM  
Huge spread in the field now, in spite of cancelling the Mavora Lakes paddle and simplifying the following ride. Hasn't got the drama of the XPD. Maybe because the leaders aren't carrying a time penalty that they have to serve!

Looks like the "Seagate route" in the Eyre Mts has a pretty tricky climb on the Otago/Southland border. Can't see how to set a marker or viewing direction but think this is the area. Choose "Earth" for a more dramatic view.,168.386115&spn=0.018256,0.030041

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 12 April 2012, 2:20 PM  
Seagate halfway down Wakatipu now with 2nd 3rd and 4th still trekking at the top of the lake. Night nav on the water sounds interesting. (Shouldn't that be Whakatipu?)

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 12 April 2012, 3:28 PM  
... and they've finished. Well done Chris and team.




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