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Czech students in NZ orienteering

Show Profile  Ales Hejna Posted: 20 August 2002, 2:41 PM  
Hello my name is Ales Hejna. I am living and studying in Czech Republic -
in a small land in central Europe.
You may know our president Vaclav Havel.
My favourite hobby is orienteering and cartography.
I would like to see your nice country.
However New Zealand is far and the flight is quite expensive for us.
I usually try to combine traveling and working to cover the travel costs.
I make orienteering maps.
I did it this way in Canada, Israel and USA.
I think the maps I have made are very good.
One of the latest projects I realised was the map for the World Rogaining Championships 2002.
I know some New Zealand orienteers were also there.

You can visit my website
to get know more about my further mapping in Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Czechia.

So if you could help anyway please write me

Thank you and see you


Ales Hejna
Waltrova 16
31810 Plzen
Czech Republic
tel. +420 19 7386936




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