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Franch 5 Days - 5 JOURS DE FRANCE 2003

Show Profile  stephane RUFFIO Posted: 6 August 2002, 11:49 PM  
The French Five Days next year will be in Aquitaine again !!!

3200 runners in 1984 and 1999 : probably 5000 in 2003 ....

All the races will be on 15 km around the event center and you will be able to go at each stage by bicycle !!!
All the stages will be near the ocean coast !!! Running in the morning, beach on the evening !!!

All the informations are on the Aquitaine Orienteering League - French Five Days site :

See you next year in Aquitaine - FRANCE for an unforgetable event !!!

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 7 August 2002, 1:48 AM  
Looks very much like Woodhill. Should be good!


Show Profile  Michael Posted: 30 August 2002, 1:54 PM  
Looks great and I've got the entry form...
But it's on at the same time as JWOC, the Fin 5-days, and Sorlandsgaloppen which is nicely positioned in front of WMOC at Halden. Peutetre un autre annee.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 31 August 2002, 10:26 AM  
Been there done that twice and highly recommend it. I'm thinking of going for a bit of pre-WOC speedwork. The terrain is a cross between the very best of Woodhill and Kawhia with some interesting low vegetation in places, reducing visibility and adding to the fun.
Its in early July which means if your on to it you can possibly catch a stage or two of the Tour de France while your there.
If you don't like beautiful forests, amazing weather, awesome beaches and freshly made bagettes and pain au chocolat for breakfast, then this probably is not the event for you.

Show Profile  darren Posted: 1 September 2002, 10:20 AM  
Can't you read? I didn't say I would be in the team. Maybe I'm going to WOC to spectate!

Show Profile  darren Posted: 2 September 2002, 8:32 AM  
I swallowed it and then spat it out very quickly. Didn't taste to good! Promise it won't happen again.

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 3 September 2002, 6:12 AM  
I swallowed it and then spat it out very quickly. Didn't taste to good!
~*shakes head*~
Why do I get the feeling someone will take that quote out of context?!




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