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Google Street O

Show Profile  SteveO Posted: 18 August 2011, 12:45 PM  
Google Street View has just released updated photos of part of Melbourne and have managed to capture some of Melbourne's finest orienteers in the middle of a Street O event in Camberwell.

Street View enthusiasts (or anyone with too much time on their hands) should point Google Maps at Quinton Rd, Cornell St, Hunter Rd and Moorhead St all in Camberwell, Victoria. Other sightings are no doubt still waiting to be reported.

The event was held in January last year which indicates that it takes about eighteen months to get updated photos on Street View. A copy of the map can be found at

HT to the "Street O Wild Bunch".

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 18 August 2011, 4:15 PM  
From a 2007 posting: "True story: Until he got a proper explanation of Google Earth, my boss was seriously concerned that people would be able to use it to check if he was out patrolling the marine reserve or not..." Be careful what you say in jest Herr Juan-Fahn, they have a habit of coming true.




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