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without george doors

Show Profile  Dave Barr Posted: 28 June 2002, 3:00 PM  
"George Doors, real name no gimmicks"

Two mahoenui girls go round the outside;
round the outside, round the outside
Two mahoenui girls go round the outside;
round the outside, round the outside

Guess who's back
Back again
Rayney's back
Tell a friend
Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back
guess who's back, guess who's back, guess who's back..

He created a monster
Nobody ever sees neil no more
They want rayney he’s chopped liver.
Well if you want rayney then this what he’ll give ya.
A national dns chopped up in a file shredder.
Some coruba that'll jump start his suby quicker
than a knock when he got knocked at the wailing bongo
by the proctor when he was being a drongo
When crossed the line like henry olongo (hey!!)
You waited this long, now stop debating
Cause he’s back, he’s a snag and he’s masturbating
I know that you got a job there rayney
but enrons money problem's complicating
So the SFO won't let him go
or let him show, at champs of O
so he didn’t go to tekapo
But it felt so empty when he didn’t show
So, come on and dip, rum on your lips
---- that, --- on your rack, account for some tax
get ready, this shit's about to get heavy
enron settling on it’s lawsuits, ---- YOU JAMIE!

Now this looks like a job for neil
So everybody, just follow neil
Cause we need someone to keep it real
Cause it feels so empty, without neil
I said this looks like a job for neil
So everybody, just follow neil
where should I put this orange peel
Cause it feels so empty, without neil

Little Rayney, he’s going insane he’s
working so hard it’s driving him crazy
He’s feelin like a prisoner long gone
'til someone comes along on a mission yelling ENRON!!!

A visionary, vision of o-league
Could fart a revolution, pollutin the airwaves
not a rebel, so just let him revel and rant
about his prized possession nike rip-off pants
And it's a disaster, such a castastrophe
for rayney to be the subject of my poetry
Hairy back, na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na
Fix your damn subaru tune it up and then he’s gonna
enter in, in the back of your heels like a blister
The center of attention, back for the winter
he's interesting, the best thing since wrestling
Investing in your kid's ears and nesting
Testing, attention please
Feel the tension, as soon as you mention money
give him ten cents, and soon he’ll be
in the bank, banking, saving pennies

a-tisket a-tasket, he’ll go tit for tat with
anybody who's talkin this shit, that shit
rob garden, you can get your ass kicked
he‘s a pool hall ace he thinks the police said
And Jamie? You tried dissin rayney
You twenty-two year old baldheaded fag, dissed him
said you’d beat him, he’s too slow, let go
It's over, if you’re going to DNF don’t go!
Now let's go, just gimme the signal
he’ll be there with a whole bag full of ripped clothes
Not on dope, suspected of using his own tool
ever since Rob C turned into an old fool
But sometimes his shirts just seem
like they were bought in ‘83
So this must mean the’re ripped and torn
But he just says, there quite well worn
No he’s not the first king of waikato uni
he is the worst thing since goodoldandy
to use black sayings selfishly
though they make him sound moronic really
(Hey!!) There's a concept that works
Twenty million other white rayney’s emerge
Has anyone seen my fishing reel
It'll feels so empty without neil.

Edited by - Dave Barr on 28/06/2002 23:31:23

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 1 July 2002, 11:35 AM  
nice work.

Does anyone know how Jamie managed to score the job of being the referee for the Soccer World cup final?? Lucky punk!


Edited by - stu barr on 1/07/2002 19:40:43

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 2 July 2002, 1:00 AM  
Amazing what a makeover can do before a photo is taken

Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 2 July 2002, 5:01 AM  
No he hasn't changed much

Show Profile  AndrewT Posted: 3 July 2002, 7:45 AM  
That has to be the funniest thing Futurama got cancelled! :D




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