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Run Rabbit Run!

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 July 2011, 6:50 PM  
A pity that the Masters was on last week too

Bunny Rathbone was our star, second W75 in the long!

Other A-finalists Trish Aspin 6th W65 Ann Scott 1th W70. Couldn't find any men in the A, its a bit harder with up to 5 finals in some classes. Wayne Aspin 7th in M65B, Alistair Stewart 11th M60B, look also for Rudi Hlawatsch, Joanna Stewart, Jane Cloete, were there any others? These are long results, don't think there was anything higher in the sprint.

Among our friends Blair Trewin 13th M40A, Jorgen Martensson 2nd M50A, Jim Russell 7th M50A, Ted van Geldermalsen 2nd M55B. Australia got one medal, Susanne Casanova 2nd W35. Trish's class was won by the amazing American Sharon Crawford. Well almost as amazing as Trish!

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 18 July 2011, 11:48 PM  
Plenty of room here so let's put other interesting travellers in. Western Canadian Champs over the weekend and Canadians next weekend. Trish Faulkner had a 1st and a 2nd in W65-74, John and Robyn Davies there too. Near Whitehorse in Yukon, about 1500km north of Vancouver. Pam James is still running elite.




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