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Show Profile  MAMBO339 Posted: 26 June 2002, 12:34 PM  
The NZSSC (NZ Secondary School Championships) are being held in counties manakau in only a few weeks. The Senior Boys and Girls have been left wide-open with Ross and Claire away at JWOC. So who is going to win? What are your thoughts? My picks are the following:

S. Ramon Steenson (Napier)
I. Simon Addison (Putaruru)
J. Who knows? Andrew Peat (KIngs) had a big win at the North Islands

S.Amber Morrison (Napier)
I. Rita Holmes (Onslow)
J. Emma Watson (CHB)

I'm going for the experience, but who knows, maybe there might be a few surprises

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 26 June 2002, 3:16 PM  

Is there a website or anything for the event??

Show Profile  MAMBO339 Posted: 27 June 2002, 6:38 AM  
no, i don't think counties manakau have a website.

Show Profile  fancy_michael Posted: 30 June 2002, 12:58 PM  
Personally I don't like the idea of making predictions about the chances of competitors at an upcoming event on a public forum... it can be degrading for those that aren't considered a "chance" by these sometimes uninformed "punters"
Having said that... xRetard/addisonx -I think it's pretty strange that you haven't taken into account the chances of the current 18A Classic / 18A Short O / Member of Champion Relay team / Development Squad member into your calculations.
Is that just because you don't like Ciaran... or is it because he's a South Islander?

Show Profile  addison Posted: 30 June 2002, 1:30 PM  

Edited by - Simon Addison on 30/06/2002 21:31:00

Show Profile  addison Posted: 30 June 2002, 1:30 PM  
There are two reasons.

Firstly, when i posted my comment, i was under the impression that Ciaran was not coming up. Basically that night on MSN i found out, and havnt come on here to change it. I would actually think that Ciaran and Campbell are on the same tier.

Seccondly, I believe Campbell has home advantage. The times i have races Campbell, i have won, except when in the Auckland Forests. Home advantage can help some times. Its because of this that i would put Ciaran and Campbell together, but Ciaran is consistent and consistency usually wins through wouldnt u say fancy boy.




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