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Otago MTBO Carnival

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 30 May 2011, 9:53 AM  
New Zealand has beaten Australia in MTB-Orienteering three times on the trot, the last two over there, we thought it was time to bring the game back here. Christchurch MTBOers scoped some areas in Central Otago last summer. Then there was a bit of an earthquake. However the phoenix has risen from the ashes, others from Dunedin and round the country offered help, dates finalised, a challenge has been issued to Australia and accepted.

The important dates are 10-14 Jan with informal events on either side. Brief details on the MTBO website, event website soon. Plan for a SI holiday now.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 30 May 2011, 10:51 AM  
As a lead up a large group are doing the Aussie MTBO Champs followed by the NSW champs with 6 races and plenty of training days to be had. Dates from 9th October -23rd October for the whole trip, although some are doing the first week only. Accomodation is organised, and vans to take 5/6 people and bikes will be used. Our biggest number on one of these trips has been 31, and I reckon we'll get to that this year.

If you are interested contact me

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 30 June 2011, 1:02 PM  
There's now an event website: and the chief mapper has come back raving about the areas!

For anyone who might be in the Australia or NZ teams, the areas are embargoed from now 30 June until the events. When considering whether this applies to you, note there may well be a range of abilities in the teams, and you should read the statement on the MTBO website Nominations will be invited in a couple of months, the classes are chosen by the Australians who will tell us by early October.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 31 October 2011, 2:21 PM  
Applications are open for the NZ MTBO team to defend the trophy against Australia in January. Classes are mens -20, open, 40, 50, 60, and womens open, 40 and 50. Details on the MTBO website or from your club secretary.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 1 November 2011, 12:54 AM  
Applications to me by the 20th November rgmg at, so we can pick a team, and get team tops organised etc.

It looks like 40-50 Aussies are coming, and some very experienced ones amongst them. They, like us are very excited to be visiting Otago, and the maps will be very neutral, and tricky, so a really fair challenge should be ensured.

Show Profile  mcroxford Posted: 1 November 2011, 1:18 PM  
Geez. I hope some more people put their hands up for the Mens Open grade. Two NZ entries and I sure ain't putting my hand up after only planning 3 MTBO events, never having competed in one and falling off my bike earlier in the year and breaking my collar bone!!! Where are the entries folks!!!

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 1 November 2011, 1:34 PM  
Chris Forne, Greig Hamilton and Greg Barbour have put their names forward already, so we will be competitive in men's open, especially as Adrian Jackson is not coming, I believe.

It is just typical that people leave entering till the last minute, but I have had a great response in the past 24 hours.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 21 November 2011, 2:55 PM  
We have had a terrific response to team applications with 11 in one category, which must be close to record even for foot O. We are looking for 1 or 2 junior men to apply, and team makeup is being discussed now, so be quick.

There are 74 entered already with entries closing in 4 weeks.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 28 November 2011, 7:23 AM  
A strong senior team has been announced for the MTBO Challenge in January. The list is on the MTBO website The Australian team is expected shortly.

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 29 November 2011, 1:25 AM  
Aus team has been announced

Show Profile  Jymbo Posted: 29 November 2011, 1:57 AM  
Australian's have named a M20 team, but none from NZ?

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 29 November 2011, 4:00 AM  
Only one application, but he hadn't done mtbo.

Should be a great challenge as terrain will be foreign to almost everyone, and we have to win 13-8 amongst the other grades to win outright. I reckon we'll do it though.

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 5 December 2011, 3:14 PM  
Entries have reached 100, with entries closing Friday 16th December.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 14 December 2011, 3:58 PM  
... and 16 Dec is two days away...

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 30 December 2011, 2:06 AM  
Over 170 entries now and the biggest numbers for mtbo ever in Australasia.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 14 January 2012, 3:24 PM  
NZ has won the ANZ MTBO Challenge for the 4th time in a row. In a sprint at Roxburgh the score was 5-3 to NZ, the same in a long distance at Alexandra, and the closest the visitors came was a 4-all draw at Wanaka. Chris Forne was outstanding for NZ while Marquita Gelderman won 2 out of 3. In a "friendly" relay at Cardrona the open classes were won by Chris Forne/Phil Wood and Marquita Gelderman/Georgia Whitla. Individual results on Winsplits, challenge results in the blog entries on the website.

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