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Raiseys at Nationals

Show Profile  KateM Posted: 29 April 2011, 9:36 AM  
Hey guys!
For those of you who had a little taste of the Raiseys Hydration formula over the weekend and loved it, here are the details in purchasing as much as you want of it!
They have many more products to offer! The Hydrate X formula has extra minerals and salts in it to help out with those of you who suffer from cramps whilst running.
Another product I would recommend, would be the Build formula. Although it says it is for weight gain, it can also be used effectively for recovery purposes...I have a few scoops in some milk after a hard session or some strength, just to make sure my body recovers efficiently.
Anyway would love to hear what everybody thought about it as they are a new Enterprise and would love feedback from different types of athletes and how their product works and tastes!
So check them out at
and the product we had at nationals can be purchased for only $22.50 (800g bag)
Cool! thanks to all those people that tried it over the weekend! :D
Cheers, Kate Morrison

Show Profile  KateM Posted: 29 April 2011, 9:38 AM  
Might I add that it is pretty cheap too compared to some other pricey sports formulas! :D




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