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Score events

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 13 June 2002, 1:55 AM  
Who likes score events better than "normal" O events? How old are you?

Am I right in believing that crusties like me prefer "proper" events and hate score events? Are there any crusties out there?

Show Profile  mikea Posted: 16 June 2002, 6:21 AM  
Im an old crustie who prefers "normal" events to score events. However I dont hate score events. Up until Aucklands NW club introduced a score event series last year I was not keen on them at all. Now my attitude towards them has changed completly, BUT ! ! ! ! its the fomat which is the key ! NW clubs fomat (quite simple really) has been an overwhelming success over the past two years. Their format has brought a new dimension to the Auckland 'O' program. I would suggest clubs & associations throughout NZ try this formt you will be suprised at the response.
Ecurb, I guarantee you will be a convert !

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