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National Champs relays

Show Profile  ecurb Posted: 13 June 2002, 1:52 AM  
There have been a lot of comments about the format of the relays at the National Champs. One thing that hasn't been discussed much is the profile of the event and this really annoyed me this year.

Our Club magazine didn't show any results for the relays and our Club won the Mixed Long! We also came 8th.

What was worse though was that our national mag "NZ Orienteering" didn't have any relay results either. Not one! They did have a photo of the winning Mixed Long team though.

Is this what people in general perceive the Relays to be? Nothing important at all? Personally I think that the relays are one of the most important parts of the Nationals where club rivalry shows out. It should also be a social occasion with a lot of cheering and support. Apart from our club there was very little cheering. Where was all that Hawkes Bay noise? Was it too cold?

If people believe the relays are unimportant why don't we ditch them from the nationals altogether. In the SI we could substitute them with a ski O and in the NI with a sweat O or Rain O?




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