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Chasing Starts Short O's

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 13 May 2010, 7:12 PM  
Finally, fingers crossed, the tide is turning, chasing start short O's are returning to serious competition, this Queens Birthday.

Some, in fact many, readers here are probably too young to remember the awesomeness of these events...but as described by Fraser Mill in June of the year 2000..

"While a classic event divided into two parts is different from a classic event it still lacks the true spirit of short Os if it doesn't have a chasing start or you don't need to qualify.

The beauty of true short distance races is that you must balance the speed you run at with your navigation ability to do the course as fast as possible, and its all about pressure.

During the morning race of a short O, if there is a chasing start in the afternoon, you must run hard to get a lead or at least be in the main bunch. The afternoon race you obviously must race hard and the pressure is on because anyone who passes you will beat you."

Oh and I guess Maptalk is nearly 10!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 13 May 2010, 7:18 PM  
(disregard the last comment, Maptalk is way older than that, the archives just only go up to 99 pages....thankfully for some of us that have said some stupid stuff over the years;-))

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 14 May 2010, 7:14 AM  
Those chasing start short O's were definitely great fun. Will be interesting to hear how everyone finds them at Queens Birthday.

Maptalk started in February 2010 so I guess it is over 10 years old now! It started out with news and then the forum was born a few months later in June. Be assured Jamie that all the forum posts and trash talk remain online and untouched. It's just a coincidence that it goes up to 99.




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