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Muriwai to Piha this Saturday

Show Profile  nick Posted: 15 April 2010, 5:05 AM  
Anyone up for running Muriwai to Piha this Saturday morning?

I'd arranged to run with a fulla from Waikato (Tim Burrell) but I got hurt last night, so I'm out. He's still keen though. Gimme a call if you want to join him for a sweet run - 021 642 568.

Show Profile  mick finn Posted: 15 April 2010, 6:41 AM  
Still time to enter the Moonshine24 Nick!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 15 April 2010, 6:46 AM  
Need to get him into orienteering Nick!

Show Profile  nick Posted: 15 April 2010, 11:37 AM  
Awww don't rub it in Mick. Missing O nationals (at Naseby no less) AND rogaine nationals (which looks like the best rogaine in ages) is quite a blow... but OTOH I made it to my mates wedding in Chile so, its worth it.

Addison - sometimes when he talks he reminds of Chris Forne, so yeah, maybe its a good idea!




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