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City Safari 2010

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 27 March 2010, 2:30 PM  
Entries now open for NZ's biggest rogaine. The event where you can race sitting down.

Metlink City Safari in Wellington 16 May

David Rowlands (winner last year with Jamie Stewart) is threatening to come over from Australia again. Wellington city councillor Andy Foster (another former winner) will be there. Multisporter Al Cross (he's won twice) will be there. Steve Gurney is threatening to come back - but first he's off to the states, probably something to do with the dairy negotiations...

We hope the winning elites in the NZ long distance championship will come, we've offered a free entry to them, likewise the winning team in the NZ Rogaine champs Moonshine24. But if you can't see yourself competing with the above luminaries there's always the dress-up prize. 2008 the herd of cows. 2009 a happy couple about to be wed.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 29 April 2010, 7:55 PM  
Just one week for City Safari entries at normal rates. The biggest rogaine in NZ.

Theyve been steadily coming in, weve now got pretty-well all the 6-hour winners since the event began! That includes last years winning team Jamie Stewart with Australian rogaine guru David Rowlands. And Jamie has just won the NZ 24-hour Rogaining Championship in the Akatarawas! They've roped in Greig Hamilton, Jamie's partner in the Aka's.

With Jill Westenra doing the XPD, her usual partner Al Cross has teamed up with Nigel Corry, they won the inaugural event in Lower Hutt 6 years ago. That opens the mixed title to... perhaps Bill Edwards who has teamed up with Britain's first orienteering gold medallist. Tho she hasn't orienteered much in NZ, Yvette Baker was top woman in the Winter Classic last year.

Ordinary entries close 6 May.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 May 2010, 8:18 PM  
The City Safari claims another NZ record - longest time to complete a rogaine course. Got a delightful letter from a lady who has been pottering away since last year visiting 2 or 3 controls at a time (and using public transport). She can't come on 16 May but has put in an order for this year's map. Any other contenders for the biggest permanent course?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 12 May 2010, 2:20 PM  
First the bad news: Australian rogaine guru David Rowlands has had to cancel his trip to Wellington for the Safari. His day job calls - working on journey planning software for public transport...

So Jamie will only have Greig to help him defend the title.

Now the good news. Entry numbers have passed last year's final of 540.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 16 May 2010, 11:39 AM  
Yvette Baker and Bill Edwards won from Jamie Stewart and Greig Hamilton.

Compared to the weather swirling round New Zealand, Wellington had a beautiful day. All modes of transport were operating including the harbour ferry (berthing at Seatoun is sometimes affected by wind.) The provisional entry number of 569 may be a new rogaine record. Could be NZ's largest orienteering event this year?

Show Profile  HeadHoncho Posted: 16 May 2010, 12:09 PM  
Might be a new rogaine record Michael but it has a way to go to get near PAPO's Family Day at Bottle Lake.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 16 May 2010, 2:29 PM  
Acknowledgements to PAPO. I was tantalised by topping the NZ Champs, and the World Rogaine's 550 limit. Whaddya reckon they might find the landowners could just manage a few extra???

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 May 2010, 3:05 AM

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 26 May 2010, 7:53 AM  
New New Zealand rogaine record 565. Story and pictures on




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