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Cheap Inov8s Free shipping

Show Profile  JD Posted: 21 March 2010, 4:31 AM  
check this site out

Show Profile  KevO Posted: 30 March 2010, 7:56 AM  
I saw
I Bought
I've Got......

Only one week from order to delivery, not bad from UK! [faster than presents from the family...]

Off out for a run in them now - maybe they'll stop me getting lost at Nationals - probably not

Show Profile  JD Posted: 10 April 2010, 9:11 AM  
15% off at wiggle!

Show Profile  JD Posted: 10 April 2010, 9:12 AM  
Hey can anyone that bought something from wiggle recently whack a post here just saying how cheap and cool it was and how fast the delivery was etc... cheers!

Show Profile  SJ Posted: 12 April 2010, 4:11 AM  
Are they paying you or something?

Show Profile  GeneO Posted: 12 April 2010, 4:26 AM  
My X Talons took 2 and a half weeks and I paid for priority dispatch =(. But they were pretty cheap. =) about $120




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