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Air Ticket Gratis

Show Profile  Selwyn Posted: 19 March 2010, 12:27 PM  
Last year I had to use up Air Dollars so booked my travel from Auckland for the Nationals. I have just had ankle surgery so the trip is off and the tickets are non refundable. They are technically non transferable, but I never had Air NZ ask for ID on internal flights, especially if you printed out the boarding pass. So if anyone wants to use these air tickets for any purpose they are available:
Leave Auckland 2:25 pm on Tue March 30th - arr. Queenstown 4:15 pm.
Leave ChCh at 2:30 pm on Monday 12th April - arr. Auckland at 3:50 pm.
I had been planning a fortnight tour around the lower S.I.
selwyn at palner dot gen dot NZ




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