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Kaweka Challenge 1-2-3-4

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 March 2010, 2:53 AM  
Orienteers were prominent in the 21st Kaweka Challenge at the weekend - both in results and of course running the show.

Overall results summarised from, many picked up class awards as well:
C1 41km 1day Dennis de M 1st Ed Lawley 4th
C2 41km 2day not held
C3 28km 1day Mark Lawson 1st Toby Scott 3rd
C4 30km 2day Bryn Davies and Piret Klade 1st
C5 13km Mark Lawson 1st Rita Homes 3rd breaking Amber Morrison's womens record Ed Lawley 4th Jamie Goodwin 7th
C6 Duathlon Liam Paterson 1st

Traditional HB dominance in the school results has been broken by New Plymouth BHS and GHS. Using it as preparation for the Hillary Challenge these guys will be unstoppable.




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