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John Rutledge

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 7 December 2009, 9:50 AM  
Former member of Wgtn OC John Rutledge died on Friday. John was part of a remarkable group of orienteers in a single workplace - the old MWD head office in the Vogel Building. One of my abiding memories is meetings in the cafeteria as we organised the 10th birthday multi-day for Wgtn/HV.

Though he faded out of orienteering (his last major was QB96) he kept up his running when he became CEO of Opus International Consultants - making a successful business from a government department. He retired relatively early and did a lot of travelling; plus I would guess part-time board-room work. He was 68.

Thirty-somethings will remember Frances, Mary, and maybe Mattie. The girls were D Squaddies of real potential in its first few years - the "Flock House" years. The funeral will be in Wellington on Friday - details




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