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Selection Systems

Show Profile  Selwyn Posted: 1 November 2009, 6:21 PM  
In my opinion a major consideration in a selection system is that the team or individuals are finalised months before the big competition event. Thats the only way that those selected can team together and focus on the common goal of the big event. Kiwi orienteers tend to be very supportive of eachother and after selection and become team minded rather specifically competitively individualistic. I can recall examples of the converse effect in other National teams.
The process of preparing for a major event occurs many months before the event. Individuals have various types of build-up training, rest, alternate activities and intensive training. The training schedule is rather individualised, so leave it to the individual and his/her coach to focus on it after selection, months before the event. A signal for disaster is to have individuals competing for places so close to the big event that they dont have time to develop a big event supportive cohesion. Although orienteering is an individual sport, a major factor in the big day output is supported by a cohesive, supportive team factor. And in N.Z. we are short of NZOF instant funding, so individuals need to know of their selection many months ahead so they can consider the fund raising distraction.




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