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C90 - The Decider

Show Profile  Faavae Posted: 19 September 2009, 7:41 AM  
CONTROL 90 - 2009  The Decider

Hello Adventure Community of NZ [or part of]

The 3rd Control 90 is taking place on October 10th at Lake Tekapo. Its the same format as the previous 2-years, three 4-hour rogaines with a 2-hour break in between each one. The order is kayak, mountain bike and hike. 2-person teams.

The 2009 event is looking great, Lake Tekapo region has produced some interesting and dynamic control placements and its a primo place to visit.

The C90 is run by my events company Ten Events Ltd. Our plan from set up was to run each event 3-times then drop the weaker events and run with the stronger ones. Slightly mind boggling for us is the C90 is not drawing much interest, or at least not many entrants. [lets put the kayak leg from Okiwi Bay behind us]

Entries close on September 25th and currently there is 3-teams (Thanks a lot to those who have entered!).

Given the C90 is in its 3rd year, it is in a sink or swim situation. We need 8-teams to run the event as a break-even venture. If we cant reach 8-teams by the end of the week its likely well have to cancel the event. This is a real blow to those teams entered, but for me its also a blow to the adventure racing scene as I think its an event that meets so much of what is missing  but I have come to learn that what I enjoy doing on a Saturday is quite different to most.

To keep C90 sustainable, it does appear the mass market have little interest in C90. Thats fine. Looking ahead to 2010 we will run C90 but itll likely change to a 6-hour foot rogaine in Tasman District.

We still have hopes to run C90 on Chatham Islands in the future but given the low level interest in the event that will likely go back to the drawing board.

If you are planning to do C90, please enter soon so we can rip into making it a great event.

The event sponsors are fully behind it. R&R Sport, Silva, GU, Tineli, Sealline, Thermarest, Vasque Footwear, Ems Power Cookies, Go Fast and Maxxis Tyres.

Many thanks

Nathan Faavae

Show Profile  rob.g Posted: 19 September 2009, 10:40 AM  
The race really appeals,and I have heard great comments about it, but a non kayak option is the only practical way to do the race from Auckland.
I hope you get your numbers Nathan.




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