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P3 Adventure race "Lite" - made for orienteers!!

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 27 August 2009, 6:16 AM  
It's just over a week until the inaugural P3 Adventure Race "lite". On Saturday 5th September teams of 2-4 people will take part in an innovative new adventure racing format. A cross between an adventure race, top town, the Tough Guy, your old school cross country and a rogaine!

No bikes, no boats and no support crews are needed for this 3 hour event. The 3 hours of run/trek will be broken up by basic navigation, mystery activities (challenging both the brain and the body) and a cool tubing section.

The event is at a secret location within 60 minutes of Auckland and the location will be revealed early next week.

We can reveal some details for now:

- You will need a car-sized inner tube - we recommend a 4WD size tyre (available from a tyre shop for about $20).
- For the water activity you will need some shoes that you don't mind getting wet, a buoyancy aid/life jacket and a helmet (bike, climbing, caving, or something similar)
- The event starts at 10am and will go for 3 hours, therefore finishing at 1pm and will be South of Auckland
- You might consider someone who is good at DIY in your team

Check out the website and find a team to enter.

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 1 September 2009, 7:20 AM  
On Saturday 5th September teams of 2-4 people will take part in an innovative new adventure racing format. A cross between an adventure race, top town, the Tough Guy, your old school cross country and a rogaine!

Until now the location and course details of the event have been a secret. We can now reveal the final details of this new event...please read all of the information below - there'll be a pop quiz!
Be prepared to do some P&....Plod, Paddle, Plan/Pursuit/Puzzle. We have a course with lots of variety so if this is your first adventure race dont be freaked out by 3 hours  it will be broken up with mystery activities and multiple stages. We have planned a cracker little course which will be made up of 4 stages.

ENTRIES- Entries are still open if you are still thinking about doing the event or have friends that are interested.

EVENT CENTRE - the event will be based in the Hunua. We are privileged to have access to an area not widely available to the public deep in the Mangatawhiri Valley. You need to find Moumoukai Road which is off Hunua Road. It will be signposted from here and you basically follow this road nearly to the end. Youll hit some gravel and then arrive at the top gate (which is open) and then head down into the depths of the Hunua Ranges. At the bottom of the big hill turn right and youll come to a locked gate. Allow 50-60 minutes from the centre of Auckland,+Hunua,+New+Zealand&sll=-37.101194,175.147305&sspn=0.049768,0.07699&ie=UTF8&ll=-37.094622,175.14782&spn=0.095847,0.145912&z=12

8.30-9.30am  Gate open
8.30am onwards - Registration open. Once you have registered you should use the full time possible to read all the information and absorb it all before race briefing at 9.45am.
10am - Start
1pm - Finish
Prizegiving soon after

THE RACE FORMAT  There will be a mixture of formats during the day. Some stages will be rogaine style where you decide which checkpoints you are going to get and others will be fixed course where you must collect checkpoints in order. Please ensure you read the instructions carefully.

In general each checkpoint is worth some points. Some checkpoints are compulsory and then there will be optional checkpoints for you to choose from. The more experienced may get all of these optional checkpoints, other teams only a few.

Throughout the day you will have the opportunity to do mystery activities to earn bonus points. These are at the event centre unless specified and are voluntary unless specified and can be done in any order.

The amount of time on your feet is dictated by your teams ability and fitness.

For rogaine stages - teams arriving after the time limit will incur point penalties.

You are welcome to finish before the 3 hour time limit is reached, as the result will be determined by your teams points scored (checkpoints score plus mystery activities score).

The main idea of the day is to have fun!!!

NO SUPPORT CREW!! - Because we are using a rogaine type format NO support crew is required. All transitions will be in a central area so you can do these by yourself out of the back of your car

COMPULSORY CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT - The safety of our participants is important to us. For this reason we insist every participant carries certain minimum clothing and safety equipment. Each participants compulsory gear will be checked by race officials at registration.

Each Team will need: a good first aid kit (must contain as a minimum: 2 metres of adhesive strapping tape, 4 bandaids, 2 gauze pads, 4 cm width crepe bandage, 2 pain relief tablets (Panadol or similar), 2 anti-inflammation tablets), compass, torch and mobile phone.

Each person will need: a weatherproof parka, thermal gloves and hat, polypropylene or thermal long sleeve shirt and long johns, a survival blanket, a whistle, a helmet, a car sized (4wd size is best!) inner tube for the paddle activity and a buoyancy aid/life jacket.

SPECIAL GEAR REQUIREMENTS  Just to reiterate the special stuff you need

Each person will need a car sized inner tube (available from a tyre shop for about $20). We recommend a 4WD sized tube!
You need a buoyancy aid/life jacket for the water activity.
For the water activity you will need some sturdy shoes that you don't mind getting wet.
The last leg involves water and we recommend you have a towel and lots of warm gear for afterwards
There is no water supply at the venue so please bring your own for the day - likewise with food.

KAURI DIEBACK (Phytophthora taxon Agathis) - Kauri dieback or commonly known as PTA, Phytophthora taxon Agathis is a fungus-like disease that only affects kauri. It is believed to be soil-borne, spread by soil and soil water movement, human and animal vectors. Kauri dieback presents a serious threat to iconic kauri trees in the Waitakere Ranges and the ARC is implementing measures on parkland to prevent or limit its spread. It is important that all activities in the Ranges, including adventure races, consider the impact on the spread of this disease.

To minimise the risk of any further spread of the disease from the known (and unknown) contaminated sites, the following phytosanitary and hygiene standards are to be implemented for the event;

When in the bush it is a rule of the event that all participants keep to the route and tracks at all times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
Participants are asked to ensure that footwear is clean prior to the event starting. Clean is defined as removal of all soil/debris from footwear used in the event
Participants will have to go through a footbath before the event starts and again after the finish line.

For more information about kauri dieback go to

DIDYMO  a Didymo Management Plan is in place and we need to ask the following:

All participants should wash with soap or shampoo before entering another waterway after the event. Sorry you have to have a shower or bath after our event! Alternatively, ensure hair and skin is thoroughly dry before entering another waterway.
All wet equipment, such as tyre tubes, should be checked for clumps of algae and other debris, then cleaned with a decontamination solution.
Allow longer time for absorbent items, such as clothing, towels and boots. Pay particular attention to the soles of tramping boots and other footwear with a deep tread.
After treatment, items may then be rinsed with water that has come from a town water supply.
Drying is an acceptable alternative method, provided that all components are completely dry to the touch, inside and out, and then left dry for at least another 48 hours before entering a different waterway. Alternatively, freeze items until solid.
If you do not want to decontaminate your gear, you should restrict use to a single waterway.

HUNUA RANGES PARK STEWARDSHIP - For the event it is essential we promote and protect the uniqueness of the area. Five main things need to be adhered to.

Keep to marked trails to avoid vegetation damage and tracking.
No dogs
Obey all instructions from the ARC Ranger and event marshals
Ensure all wrappings of multi-sport snacks and drink bottles/ tops are carefully tucked back in your bum-bag/pack.
There is no admittance by competitors to the Watercare spillways and dams including dam access roads, unless on the marked event route.

And some other points to note to ensure minimal impact on the park and its other users and hence the continued running of the event:

Please where possible car pool with other participants to minimise the number of cars on the gravel roads.
Please be courteous to other users of the park. Please, if you come across other users of the park slow down to a walk, smile, say "hello nice day isn't it?", and then allow them through. You should only lose a couple of seconds and it will ensure other park users have a good experience upon meeting any of our race participants.

PRIZES - This is an entry-level fun event and therefore the prizes will mainly consist of spot prizes, with some token merit prizes.

That's it - we've told you too much already! See you Saturday for a fun day.

Shaun and Phil




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