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Ten Years of Afterwork Rogaines

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 17 August 2009, 4:19 PM  
Ten years ago New Zealand had run just 17 rogaines and was about to hold the world championship. (Seems a bit impertinent now:-))

Some Hutt Valley rogainers decided they needed some practice. Their 3-hour afterwork, no fuss, no markers, topo-map honesty-scoring event was a breakthough. Here was a form of orienteering with drastically reduced set-up. Since then shoestring or afterwork rogaines have gained some sort of control marker (very small or Q&A) but essentially they have stayed simple. And participants are still asking, "please can I set an afterwork rogaine?"

This Thursday, 9.98 years later, we are re-running that exact same event in Belmont Regional Park - It will use the original map, no control markers, and we will even dispense with post-race pizza in the interests of authenticity. The only thing we can't quite do is get the date right - the lambing closure starts this weekend.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 20 August 2009, 6:03 PM  
Bill Edwards' 1060 was remarkably similar to Phil Wood's 1100 from 10 years ago - arguably better since there are quite a few new tracks and forest plantings since then. The maps were copied from the original, which was a 2:1 enlargement of the topo with no alterations.

Greg Thurlow posted a higher gross but stayed out nearly half an hour overtime because the night was so nice! 30 others enjoyed the night with varying approaches to the training exercise. The NZOF rogaine website lists this as NZ's 300th rogaine.




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