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Waiuku 3 hour Rogaine

Show Profile  DennisdM Posted: 30 July 2009, 3:02 AM  
Anyone doing this event that needs to replace a teammate, give me a bell. I'm going to be in Auckland for the weekend and only found out yesterday, so thought I should squeeze in an event on Sunday morning! Going in to Rogaine withdrawel symptons after leaving the busy Papo region and need a fix! dennisdemonchy at gmail

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 30 July 2009, 3:43 AM  
Why don't you enter as an individual or divert the plane to Wellington and compete in the Winter Classic 3 hr Challenge?

Show Profile  DennisdM Posted: 30 July 2009, 6:42 AM  
Not allowed to enter as an individual I think. Maybe I'd better check. And if my brother was having a baby in Wellington I'd be doing the Winter Classic!

Show Profile  DennisdM Posted: 30 July 2009, 7:45 AM  
Found a teammate, so I'll get my Rogaine fix for the month. Sweet.




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