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An Orienteers Adventure Race - The P3

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 23 July 2009, 6:02 AM  

The inaugural P3 is planned for the 5th September 2009 and is aimed as a introductory adventure race to try to encourage more people into adventure type sports. This event would be ideal for orienteers who don't or won't bike. It's just like an orienteering event but with a tubing section in it and some extra puzzles and mystery activities!

Event organisers Lactic Turkey Events have come up with an innovative new format which will challenge the experienced racers, but more importantly offer people wanting to give this "adventure racing thing", the opportunity to try an event of this nature.

The P3's "lite" version of an adventure race will include disciplines of run/trek, tubing, mystery fun activities and simple navigation. So unlike a traditional adventure race there is no biking, no kayaking and no support crew needed.

"We want to give people the chance to try the next step up from our rogaines or a pure off-road run" says race director Shaun Collins. "We've regularly see some of our rogaine participants try the next level up - usually our P6 Six Hour Adventure race, so thought we'd try and offer a step in between. At the P6 event last year we had 380 people including a coach load of 50 students from Fraser High School and a vanload from Cambridge High. Its hard to co-ordinate that many bikes so we thought we'd offer the same fun event without bikes and for only 3 hours - this makes it achievable for all."

The three hours of run/trek will be broken up by mystery activities which are used to promote teamwork - challenging both the brain and the body and a cool tubing section.

The event is for teams of 2 or 4 people and is aimed from schools, family and corporate teams through to the experienced adventure racing teams wanting a good burnout for three hours.

The event will be held at a mystery location within 60 minutes from central Auckland.

This is a good warm up too for those ladies heading down to the 2009 Macpac Spring Challenge ( which is 3 weeks later.

The event website will be created over the next week, but for now book the date in your diary and find a team.




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