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Brent back in Form

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 23 February 2002, 3:45 PM  
Looks like Brent has is back womanising and boozing again

Show Profile  the shark Posted: 27 February 2002, 5:47 PM  
It's nice to see Fraser the Blazer having more than doubled his training dose since first week of 2002.
By the way, I hope New Zealand orienteering is still ruling and Jamie is still wearing his pink trousers.

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 4 March 2002, 4:18 AM  

If all I do is womanise and booze, how come such a committed trainer as yourself can't beat me?

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 4 March 2002, 7:43 AM  
Getting a little defensive there Brent? I recall an ass whipping I gave you that motivated you to start training again. If you are refurring to the weekend where we both didn't have the best of runs the CHECK the results of the last race between us the Turkey Traverse.

Show Profile  jeffg Posted: 4 March 2002, 9:29 AM  
Hmmm, I should check up on this refurring technique. How often has Brent used it, and is it better than Propecia?

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 4 March 2002, 5:29 PM  

I can't work out if your taking the piss out of yourself or if your just plain stupid.

As I have said to someone else who tried to take the piss out of me previously on this forum (I think it was Jamie) "you are setting yourself up for a slamming".

As everyone who was at the event knows (including yourself). I easily defeated you in the long Turkey Traverse (who knows where those results came from?)

Infact I remember you running into the finish (stoked with you run as you had managed to sprint off Neil (no mean feat in itself).

Then you enquired as to if "Brent" had finished yet (which he had (for about 10 minutes)), when you realised this I watched your face fall when you realised your dream of pushing him into an early retirement would have to wait.

Need I say more.

OK then I will.

Then that night, you (who attempts to mock me about boozing and womanising) ended up in an alcohol induced comma vomiting on yourself (and the rest TOPEC).

Need I say more.

OK then.

The next morning you (who attempts to mock me) were either to hungover or more likely to scared to even start the Park-O.

Infact Greg I don't think you will ever beat me again, you just don't have the commitment to becoming World Champion like I do.

Bring it on Greg.

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 4 March 2002, 5:31 PM  
And Greg don't make me mention last weekend

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 5 March 2002, 10:37 AM  
Brent did you check the results of the Turkey Traverse?

Not once did I spew on myself!

Edited by - greg on 5/03/2002 17:54:25

Show Profile  pcbrent Posted: 5 March 2002, 1:35 PM  
Yes I did and they are wrong (as you should know)!!

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 5 March 2002, 1:50 PM  
Hey thats what it is in the book.




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