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JWOC09 Reports

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 5 July 2009, 2:06 AM  
Hi to the rest of the World, from summer in Italy.

I am going to endeavour to write some words here for each day of the trip, with links to maps, pictures of team members in action and, things weve done, scenic photos, etc.

Team members are also taking turns writing a usually daily report at:

The main event is coming up real soon now...!

Norm Jager

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 5 July 2009, 2:10 AM  
Thurs 25 June

8 of us arrived in Venice yesterday, after about 30 hours since leaving NZ. We collected our rental van, and drove to meet up with Mark, Tom, Greta, Angela, and Georgia, who had arrived a couple of days earlier.

Staying a few km SW of Asiago, in a small town called Cesuna, self catering accommodation.
Mark had sussed out that this was a good area for training, and organised maps etc through a guy who is involved with JWOC.

Web site of the Accommodation:

The accommodation borders right on the forest of one of the training maps:
Via Pineta, 36010 Roana VI

Getting to the area of the map in the morning involved passing by one of the World War I British soldier cemeteries. We did not know before coming, that the large area around Asiago included the Allies frontline. There are still many trenches from the war very visible in the forests, and marked on the O-maps. Team members were pretty blown away, realising that they were pretty much of the same age of the soldiers who had been shooting at each other in this area.

In the afternoon, we popped over to Asiago for checking out phone sim cards, and the gelato shop !

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 July 2009, 12:00 PM  
Thanks Norm. I've always felt a strange fascination with European war relics and remains, knowing that kiwis fought there.

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 5 July 2009, 4:35 PM  
Fri 26 June

Morning training at Campomulo, northeast of Asiago, at 1600m.
Still patches of snow about in the forest. Again, lots of trenches still there from WWI.
Mountain flowers, Cows with bells on...
On the way back stopped at another map, Gallio.
Then visited the War Memorial in Asiago.

Some Pictures:

Some of Marks pics too, showing trenches from a different part of the map than I went to.

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:27 AM  
Sat 27 June

Morning training onto the map to the south of where we are staying  our accommodation is on the map. We passed by an Italian war cemetery, and another British war cemetery on the way. Greta gave her knee a bit of a bash on a rock.

Afternoon was sprint training in Asiago centre.
Simon arrived late in the afternoon, so now everyone is here in Italy.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:29 AM  
Sun 28 June

Morning we moved out of the accommodation, and headed north to Primiero.
Stopped at another elevated map on the way, Barricata.

Amazing scenery up the Primiero Valley. The main road passed through Imer and Mezzano, where the JWOC Sprint is to be held, at about 700m elevation.
In Primiero, actually the neighbouring small suburb of Tonadico, 10 of us are staying in a school building, with a reasonable kitchen, and 4 of the team a few hundred metres away in like a flat. We tested out the local pizza cuisine for dinner.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:30 AM  
Mon 29 June

Morning we headed up the road to training at Passo Cereda, at about 1300m.
Different terrain to Asiago, that had had a lot of limestone cliffs on the maps.

They dont clear fell the forests here, just take out selected trees. The logs we saw had at least 100 year growth rings, the oldest was 130.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:37 AM  
Tues 30 June

Morning sprint training in Tonadico, 2 laps on 2 maps. Most of us are staying in the school adjacent to control 10 on the lap 2 map.

After lunch we drove through San Martino to Passo Rolle, to look at the terrain for the long.
Then back down the Primiero Valley, stopping in for training at Dismoni, doing a leg of a relay that was held there in the past. Neat little church. Also hunting for blueberries growing in the forest wild.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:38 AM  
Wed 1 July

Travelled another windy but spectacular road up out of Mezzano, ot the next valley over from where we are. Training on Calaita map.

Also visited the church just up the hill from where 4 of the girls are staying in Tonadico...they say the bells work very well at 7am each day ! A few pics around Tonadico also.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:41 AM  
Thurs 2 July

Sprint training in Fiera di Primiero, the main part of the town, where the Event Centre is.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:45 AM  
Fri 3 July

Morning training with the British team at Val Canali, where the relay is to be held.
In the afternoon Mark and I dropped our rental vehicles off at Feltre, and caught the bus back to Primiero.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 1:51 AM  
Sat 4 July

We moved out of our accommodation in Tornadico, moved some few hundred metres down to where we are staying for the JWOC competition week. A nice new place, centrally located to the event centre and the bus station. 7 rooms of 2.

Then we caught the bus up to Passo Rolle for training on a piece of the Long distance map.

Some Pictures:

Show Profile  Norm Posted: 6 July 2009, 3:30 AM  
Sun 5 July

We have had visits from the Patersons (here for the Dolomites 5 Day event, the Peats, and Knarstons). We are having breakfasts at the place we are staying, then lunch and dinner about 200m away at a restaurant.

Morning was a bus trip up the valley to San Martino, for the Model Event on a section of the Middle map. Everyone just walked a few controls.

This evening was the teams March past, through Primiero, then the Opening ceremony which went on a bit long. It has rained just about every afternoon, but it held off today, and was quite hot (about 26C at 6pm when the March started. Lots of countries had their name misspelt.

Some Pictures:




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