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Queens Birthday 2009

Show Profile  addison Posted: 14 May 2009, 10:29 AM  
Just a quick reminder that entries are due to close tomorrow (Friday 15th) and that you can enter online at

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 20 May 2009, 5:33 AM  
I was wondering if anyone had any specific suggestions for accommodation for QB weekend.

Although the company at the accommodation organized by Jamie sounds wonderful, given that it is close to the middle of winter and there is a night event on the Saturday night I am really not keen on adding to my carbon debt any further by travelling a long way for what will amount to no more than a couple of hours of daylight enjoying the venue! (Beside the carbon debt, my stomach is not in peak condition for long car trips, even if Kaia staying at home means that I woulddn't have to listen to how her stomach hurt the whole way!)

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 20 May 2009, 6:57 AM  
the offer is withdrawn then

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 20 May 2009, 12:00 PM  
there are specific suggestions on the website, see "Accommodation"!!

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 20 May 2009, 1:20 PM  
We booked a room at Bryce Rock Climbing only two days ago
Its also on the edge of the map.
Self contained room but you need to bring sleeping bags
$58 As Martin mentioned I also got the info from the entry form

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 20 May 2009, 1:24 PM  
Mike Beverage has booked out a camp near by at $48 for the three days
Mikes number 094129275

Show Profile  onemanfanclub Posted: 21 May 2009, 1:16 AM  
For people who like to do things a bit flash, there's Out In The Styx (I think it's called) at Pukeatua which is not very far as the crow flies from Wharepapa but prob about a 15 minute drive around the edge of the map to get to our access point. The times I've stayed there have been taxpayer-funded-junkets - sorry - important meetings - so no idea of the cost but they have a range of accom from bunkrooms to v. flash. And you will be very very very well fed.

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 21 May 2009, 7:50 AM  
Martin, yes I knew there was something under accommodation but some of these were for big group camps so I was trying to find out if anything like that had been booked and we could stay where "everyone" was staying. And yes there was by Mike Beveridge. The chocolate fish prize for first reply (to my email) came from Jason Markham. Robbie, I'll also get a couple of chocolate fish for you for second prize and because I think we owe you more than that!

Show Profile  robbie Posted: 24 May 2009, 2:44 PM  
WOW chocolate fish for my birthday! thanks jenni. Dont tell the big man.

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 31 May 2009, 12:46 PM  
Results and splits for the weekend are on

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 June 2009, 12:46 PM  
Did I overlook the junior challenge there? Who won?

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 1 June 2009, 12:49 PM  
Sorry, forgot the weekend isn't over yet! It's a working day over here.

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 1 June 2009, 3:27 PM  
results, splis and maps/routegadget are all available.

routegadget for Sunday & Monday events will be up tomorrow night.

Mike B & Derek M have school results & Jenni was calaulating SuperSeries points.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 2 June 2009, 2:29 AM  
great event Simon and helpers!

you guys have it sorted, wish I could have done the night sprint...great idea that will go down in legend.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 3 June 2009, 1:29 AM  
Hi Michael - here are the schools results

HB won narrowly over AK with WN in 3rd.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 3 June 2009, 3:33 PM  
A video here from Mick

He has had some issues with compression, so the quality went down a bit

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