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Matt Tucks Email Address

Show Profile  Sheptron Posted: 7 February 2002, 6:15 AM  
F.... that man is hard to find. Does anyone know his email address? Can you tell me? Cheers ay bros.

Show Profile  Melissa Posted: 7 February 2002, 7:08 AM  

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 7 February 2002, 8:03 AM  
Yeah, that is his correct email.

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 7 February 2002, 8:06 AM  
Congratulations fraser on the big one hundred!

hip hip.....
hip hip.....
hip hip.....


Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 8 February 2002, 2:17 AM  
100 posts idiot!

It's right there in front of you!

Show Profile  Sheptron Posted: 13 February 2002, 1:15 PM  
thanks boys and girls. everyone here extends their congratulations to fraser.

If your gonna throw a cricket series, you usually do it to win, not get your arse kicked. Serves you poofters right.




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