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Club Membership Benefits

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 10 July 2000, 5:23 PM  
First up - is that club WACO still in existance? I was a member of this great club a couple off years ago, but haven't heard much of it since I left the country.

If it is not still going I am in the market to join a club in New Zealand on my return to the country in the new year. I was wondering if there is a list somewhere of all the membership benefits offered by each club. I feel that membership benefits are a key decider in choosing a club.

I will be in the Auckland area but am not bound to joining an Auckland club.


Show Profile  Liz Posted: 24 July 2000, 12:03 PM  
Wow - a couple of Kiwi orienteers heading home. The wonderful Wairarapa Club has a great history of members from near and far. At present Bryan is in Thailand and Paul in Trinadad Tabago.

Now before I send you a wee breakdown on member benefits - how about you both tell me what you can offer the club?!

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 24 July 2000, 1:02 PM  
I have quite a bit of experience in coaching juniors and seniors, have represented NZ a couple of times internationally and have played a major role in running a NZ o club (as president for a while, treasurer for a bit and sectretary for a bit).

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