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World Rogaining Champs entry criteria discussion paper

Show Profile  "John Doe" Posted: 8 April 2009, 7:00 PM  
Dear all,

The International Rogaining Federation has released a draft World Rogaining Championship entry criteria discussion paper. Comment is welcome from all interested rogainers. The criteria is attached and I have copied the email distributed by the author of the criteria Lauri Leppik. If you reply here I will draw attention to it as well as pass on your comments unedited.

I'll make some personal comments later.

Alan Mansfield

"Dear IRF Members and Observers,

Please find enclosed a discussion paper on WRC entry criteria.
The purpose of the paper is to set out the principles and criteria for
registration to the World Rogaining Championships.
The paper draws on experience from the latest two WRCs and on early
discussion between IRF Members at the general meeting held during 8WRC.
However, also a number of new ideas has been added, which do represent a
significant change in some aspects.
The draft version has been discussed in the IRF Executive.
The paper is now open to your comments. Your feedback and input are
highly valued.
Please consult also with members of your rogaining associations and
groupings and feel free to forward the paper to fellow rogainers or post
it to discussion boards.
Please send any comments and proposals for amendment either to this
forum or directly to me by 1 May 2009.

Best wishes,
Lauri Leppik"

I'll split the criterai up over a number of posts other wise you can view it at

The criteria document is attached to the first post of the above forum.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 5 May 2009, 5:06 PM  
The NZOF Rogaine Committee is considering these criteria. I think some restriction is inevitable, but there are some awkward issues over the fact that a person may meet a qualification, but entries are for teams.

If you wish to contribute to a NZOF view please email me michael (at) mapsport (dot) co (dot) nz

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 6 May 2009, 2:57 AM  
I think the 600 limit is unneccessary.

The two main reasons seem to be:

1) Organisational Problems: I think if you are organising a World Champs you should just harden up and make it happen. A 24hr rogaine with 2000 people would be amazing if well planned.

2) Environmental Problems: This is very terrain specific. For terrain such as that chosen (and I will hold my tongue on the merits of this) for the 2010 event, there is no environmental concern. Otherwise on more fragile terrain the weather makes more of a difference than whether or not there is 200 people or 2000.

Regardless I don't think the IRF should be imposing arbitrary limits. In fact who the hell is the IRF and when is their next election?




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