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Good Secure Online Backup System

Show Profile  addison Posted: 11 January 2009, 2:25 AM  
For free (up to 2gigs) online backup storage, which just runs away in the background, able to update stuff at intervals or when the folder your backing up changes etc check out:

This would be IDEAL for backup map storage for clubs.

Show Profile  Tane Cambridge Posted: 12 January 2009, 7:12 AM  
You could even attempt to use it as some sort of product data management system and control the access permissions to the maps. Allowing only mappers to correct maps and allowing course planners to can use a read only version. This would work to prevent drastic unwanted changes and/or losses of data. This could also make sure that one version only is updated at one time and prevent multiple changes being made at once by two different people and one over writing the others by accident.

Show Profile  magnus Posted: 15 January 2009, 2:11 PM  
Tane -> Looks like you are talking about some kind of Sub-version system. I am running on my local computer with as the client. This preventing me from messing up important files, while having total version control.

It would be nice if someone (NZOF) would be able to host a SVN-server and each club had their own map repository. This would secure the maps (if the repository would be backed up), give version control (Full tracking of who and when each map was updates) and the ability to share the maps with authorized users.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 15 January 2009, 2:33 PM  
Magnus - you sound like the person with the most knowledge on it, so write up a bit of a proposal and send it to Rob Crawford. Often technology is something that is great for the sport, but we just need to learn about it first

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 15 January 2009, 4:33 PM  
When thinking about protecting our mapping resources, lets not forget that there is often some historic material on paper which may be important. See reference to Naseby in the mapping thread. This isn't the only job where I needed to consult an earlier version or the photogrammetry - and it couldn't be found.




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