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Orienteering Video Competition for School Students

Show Profile  Claireabell Posted: 4 July 2008, 7:28 PM  
This year, in conjunction with the New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Champs, I am running a short orienteering video competition. The aim of these videos is to promote/showcase orienteering, or an aspect of orienteering, in a fun, exciting and interesting way. This might include a "day in the life of an orienteer" or "how to prepare for a big race" or "an introduction to orienteering from the eyes of a &" or "hazards of orienteering" or wherever your imagination takes you. This will be judged by a few of the Elites in the National Squad, along with the help of fellow students. At some stage in the future we hope to make all the videos available to the public on a new orienteering site for high school kids to view (by entering your video, you are releasing it for public viewing).

Open to: Intermediate and Secondary School Students

Length: Between 30 seconds and 1 minute long

Specifications: Your video can be recorded using proper filming equipment, or just the video tool on a normal digital camera, or even a series of well-put together still photos. Sound is a good idea but not essential. If the equipment to record music onto your video is unavailable to you, you could submit it with a suggestion of which song you would use with the video.

Prize: For the video that is deemed the most interesting, fun, and is a good promotion* of orienteering for high school kids, the entrants will receive a $50 cheque. If there are two outstanding videos, 2 prizes of $50 may be given. As mentioned above, we hope to be able to share your creations with everyone, so you may just be famous!

Deadline: Friday 25th July, so you can film the video at the NZSS Champs and edit it later, or you could also bring a completed video to the event. Please post them on a DVD to 1/25 Fields Parade, Albany, North Shore, Auckland, or email the video file to

*Good promotion can also include witty satire / sarcasm if done well  in other words it does not restrict the angle you take, as long as it makes orienteering seem like a great sport to try, for what ever reason& use your imagination&




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