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Winter Classic 2008

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 30 April 2008, 11:13 PM  
Entries for this event on July 20th are now open (closing date July 11)

Come to the Wairarapa and experience a real man's event (in honour of our late president Wayne Cretney)

Includes a WOA Long OY and the 19th running of the Wayne Cretney Memorial.

The Winter Classic is an endurance event that is both physically and mentally demanding. The event will be as a BLODSLITET event; it is like a relay except you do all the legs yourself! There are nine trophies for various grades, including the handsome ‘Wayne Cretney Memorial’ cup. You are free to compete on any course and survive a Winter Classic!

Wayne Cretney Memorial M40 Course 2
Open men M21A Course 1
Open women W21A Course 2
Junior men M18 Course 2
Junior women W18 Course 3
Veteran men & women M50 & W40 Course 3
Veteran men & women M60/M70 & W50/W60 Course 4
New Trophies for this year are: W18, M60/M70, W50/W60

Map: Riverside 2008, 1:10 000, 5m contour, Updated map.
Farmland with some bush/pines and intricate riverside erosion flats. Mainly flat with some rolling hills.

Event Details can be found at:

Further Details can be found at:

Show Profile  pete s Posted: 1 May 2008, 11:15 AM  
This looks awesome Bryan - will be v keen to come to this one - can't wait!

Show Profile  addison Posted: 1 May 2008, 11:26 AM  
If driving Pete you can come run on the Friday and Saturday at the NZSS Champs

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 1 May 2008, 10:47 PM  
When I decided on the date of the event in March, (as it was a late entry on the calendar), I specifically chose a day with no other clashing major events (as listed on maptalk). Unfortunately, I was saddened to see that the NZSS Champs were added after I confirmed the date - some kids will obviously miss out.

This happened last year as well.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 9 July 2008, 1:28 AM  
Closing date for entries is 11th July.

Don't miss this event.

Dry, undercover start and finish.
Flat easy pleasant courses for white, yellow and orange.
Long courses for the rest being mainly flat with some hills, pines and intricate river flats.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 9 July 2008, 6:53 AM  
Bryan's 2 May posting illustrates a widespread misconception - that Maptalk/Events is where the programme is planned. It is a very good tool for providing the details of when and where to get to an event, but the assembly of the programme must take place further back.

At the AGM in April the national calendar for 2009 was negotiated, it needs a bit of firming up and it needs this now because its time to start thinking about regional calendars within this context. The 2009 SS Champs is on this calendar Bryan. When the regional calendars are sorted (OYs, Winter Classics, Interclubs etc) then clubs can fill in the small events. We should be thinking about these dates and how the year should look way earlier than the time we need to tell people where the signposting starts.

A change that does seem unfortunate is the move of TONIC 2008. Whereas previously WOC felt that it could run some events at Labour Weekend up against an "Auckland Carnival", it now seems that the NI Championship has been moved onto Labour WE. Without AFAIK any formal advice. The NZOF website still shows November.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 9 July 2008, 8:19 AM  
Isn't it reasonable to assume that by late March that all major
events for the year have been listed in Maptalk/Events?

I was adding a special event at the last moment to the calendar
which should really have been planned a lot earlier but because our
club is small and has difficulty organising events this didn't get done.

The misconception should be the truth as Maptalk/events is now the offical event listing for the NZOF and used by everyone - there should be some mechanism which transfers a programme for the current year at the beginning of a year into Maptalk/events (even if some events show only the bare details).

I would hope that details for all major events and OY's for 2009 are
listed in Maptalk/events from Jan 1, 2009.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 July 2008, 4:06 AM  
We can hope, that's all. I think its a service to clubs for conveying event details and clubs will put them there at a variable time in advance of the event.

As a significant regional event and including an OY you would have run this past the WOA Fixtures Officer and you may have been let down there. This role should be up with the play both regionally and nationally.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 10 July 2008, 8:58 AM  
At least all the major events should be listed (and one of the tasks of the technical committee should be to ensure they are listed).

From, I see that for 2008 there are only 14 Major fixtures listed - to list bare details with dates for each of any missing events should take someone less than 30 minutes.

These could be deleted once organisers place detailed information at a later date.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 10 July 2008, 10:36 PM  
Sorry the link in Maptalk events has changed due to a change in
our club's host.

The link should be:

You can also email me your entry as well.

I cannot edit the event details as I don't see the edit button even
though I'm logged in and I created the event on maptalk/events.

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 11 July 2008, 3:39 AM  
Sorry to divert the topic people, shoulda been in a different thread. Best wishes for the event Wairarapa, it was one of the first in NZ to break the mould that every event was a similar length, and we've now got a spectrum of distances. Wayne would have been into them all, gidday up there mate!

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 22 July 2008, 12:13 AM  
19th Annual Wayne Cretney Memorial Winter Classic 20th July 2007
Riverside 2008 Event Report

(Here's the report of the event - the results should be posted to our club website soon)

Wayne Cretney Memorial M40 2 Hamish Goodwin 80.26 13.18km
Open men M21 1 Magnus Bengtsson 95.57 14.837km
Open women W21 2 Gillian Ingham 87.00 13.18km
Junior Men M18 2 Duncan Morrison 76.40 13.18km
Junior Women W18 3 Laura Robertson 71.35 10.434km
Veteran Women W40 3 Liz Nicholson 109.55 10.434km
Veteran Men M50 3 Dick Dinsdale 76.40 10.434km
Veteran Women W50 4 Kate Fortune 82.36 7.011km
Veteran Men M60 4 Graham Fortune 59.00 7.011km

This will shock, amaze and inspire you - read on.

The club apologises that it could not get ready three new trophies.
We will endeavour to get the trophies to the winners as soon as possible.

The nineteenth annual running of the Wayne Cretney memorial event resulted in some tired and I hope happy competitors on a wet winter's day in the Mikimiki Massey University farm of Riverside in the Wairarapa. It seems that we had real Cretney weather just to make it a little tougher because it may have been a little too flat, fast and easy going than normal.

In the tradition of the event, the longest and toughest leg was run last by all competitors involving technical erosion river flats, hilly rocky areas and some pines. I thought that the 2nd to last control was relatively easy and I made it more interesting by giving the control description 'Herbie the car' which was painted on the side of it. However, it seems that pressure and tiredness can do funny things, and that a few people got temporarily lost.

Having two course 1 runners finishing almost within 1 minute, and an incredible three M40 runners finishing within 10 seconds of each other is what this event is all about - trying to push the mind and body to the limit. Fastest runner was Duncan Morrison
who run 5.8mins per km for over 13 kms showing the top M40s a clean pair of heels. Others of note were Tim Robertson's 6.6mins per km and Laura Robertson's 7.1mins per km over 10km.

These runs were even more unbelievable when you consider the following.

If I had got my act together, I may have avoided the clash of this event with the New Zealand Secondary Schools held in Hamilton on the Friday and Saturday.

However, the clash has caused a situation which has flabbergasted me.
Several families actually competed in 3 events on the weekend - two in Hamilton on Friday and Saturday and then drove 6.5 hours overnight from Hamilton to Masterton to start on time at 10.00am.
To the Morrisons, Robertsons, Turners, Highams and Goodwins my hat goes off to you.

Selectors take note - these youngsters are ones to watch for the future - and maybe one day in the JWOC or WOC they will benefit from the Cretney gut-busting events where they will be able to call upon those last reserves and ounces of energy to go onto glory.

The dedication and commitment of those who competed in the 3 events and the sacrifices of the parents I think is a wonderful tribute to Wayne - a competitor who loved the hard and the tough and the dirty.

And a thank you to all the other competitors who regularly keep coming back to make this a special event.

Bryan Teahan - course planner.

Show Profile  Old Timer Posted: 22 July 2008, 7:59 AM  
Sounds like a great event this year Bryan. Well done.

Last time I ran the Winter Classic I did 4 hours and came third on my course. Sounds like things a bit easier length-wise these days! Still, as long as it is raining Wayne would be happy.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 27 July 2008, 10:34 PM  
Event results, overall results and individual leg times, and event report "The hard, the tough and the dirty" can now be found at:




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