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2008 Rogaine Champs - Taupo

Show Profile  marcusd Posted: 5 March 2008, 11:23 AM  
New Zealand 24 Rogaine Champs 2008

Entries are now open for the 2008 Rogaine Champs, with the entry form, information and a detailed update with photo's under the "events" TAB

Hosted jointly by Rotorua and Taupo orienteering clubs, Mark Copeland and Lance Eccles are Controller and planner. The full championship event is a 24 hour event, and the 12 hour event has split six hour outings.

THE MAP – The base map is now complete with crisp clear contours after the removal of clutter. Scale will be 1:45000 with several insert areas at 1:10000. The course area is extremely diverse, from open farmland heavily dissected by forested erosion gullies to steep intricate native and pine forest, through to one control at an all night café.

PLANNING – Armchair planning is complete and the fieldwork well advanced. Be warned, do not become lulled into a false sense of security. Multiple route choices and ever-changing terrain will call for vigilance.
EVENT CENTRE – The benefit to you of knowing that Taupo is the base for accommodation and the event centre outweighs any ‘secrecy”. There is excellent camping space at the event centre with toilets and water provided but no cooking or showers. For more comforts of home try Lake Taupo Top 10 , it’s walking distance to the events centre with camping and cabins and motel units available.

We look forward to seeing you there at the end of May.




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