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eh eh Brucey...

Show Profile  stu barr Posted: 16 November 2001, 7:15 AM  
At a recent National squad meeting, one of the main issues discussed was how to spend the $4000 annual allowance from the NZOF.

How about this- the $4000 goes toward the entry fee of the Southern Traverse. Then along with the other sponsorship of the (insert sponsor here) NZ Elite Orienteering team, four people are selected from our immense pool of multisport talent and entered for next years race. Not only would we more than double our investment after winning, but the sponsorship gains, publicity and awesome training will reap huge rewards. There would also be a support crew of about 300, I'm guessing by the support for Bruces team.

Potentials for the best ever traverse team:

Bruce McLeod - Traverse winner
Phil Wood - guru, Coast to coast, Traverse, many more
Aaron prince - Traverse winner
Darren Ashmore - 24 hour race second place
Jason Markham - All round multisport talent, good leadership skills
Alastair Cory-Wright - Huge amount of experience
Antonia Wood - awesome mountain Runner
Jenni Adams - diehard athlete
Jean Cory-Wright - Traverse competitor, huge experience

Show Profile  darren Posted: 16 November 2001, 12:08 PM  
Good idea Stu, what and where would the trial be?
For sure the NZOF would be foolish not to get some mileage out of this and Aaron's win 2 years ago. Not to forget a couple of other orienteers with reasonable adventure racing skills, Gurney and Howard of PAPO club. Imagine those four faces on some O advertising in Endurance Sport magazine. Maybe advertising a National Marathon orienteering (Rogaines and Mountain marathons) series? Ther is a huge potential market that needs to be encouraged to come and try the map and compass sport.

Anyone got any ideas?

P.S - Bruce, LEGEND is the only word to describe it.




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