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Help us name a new event...And win a life time of free entry!

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 10 January 2008, 12:52 PM  
Lactic Turkey Events have a great new event planned for the 29th March 2008. A 32km off-road run around Lake Okataina, Rotorua. There's a 17km option too.

This event is all set - we have land permission, base sponsors, a date and a great all we need is a name! We've come up blank - and the working name of "The Big O" doesn't really cut-it.

Here's your chance to shape a bit of history. Think ICONIC (North Island iconic!) for this event - think Kepler, or Coast to Coast maybe. That's what this run will develop into. A stunningly scenic anti-clockwise loop around Lake Okataina in Rotorua, following well established bush walking tracks and farmtracks.

SEND IN YOUR IDEA FOR THE EVENT NAME TO & post it on this forum so we can all see your suggestions.

THE WINNING NAME WILL WIN A FREE ENTRY INTO THE EVENT... FOR EVER !(small print stuff blah, blah, blah and this prize is non-transferable)

As a taster and some inspiration, the start of a website is at (have a look at the photos of the course by following the arrows) and if you click on the "Info" button you will see a map of the course.

Show Profile  Bryan Posted: 10 January 2008, 2:02 PM  
Just searching the internet and came up with the following:

Enjoy a 2 hour scenic walk at Lake Okataina (the name Okatania means 'the lake of laughter'). During this 4 km walk you will be able to see spectacular scenic views of Lake Rotoiti. This walking track passes through the centre of an interesting dry crater named Patotara (the 'Bullring'). The first 15 minutes climb steeply to the top of a ridge before levelling out and continuing along an old logging road. After approximately 40 minutes you will begin to make your descent to the Patotara crater.

Details about Okataina also refer to caldera - or otherwise known as 'boiling pot'.

So here are some names:
Vulcanic Vista Run
Laughter Lake Run
The Bullring
The Boiling Pot
or just simply: The Okataina

Show Profile  runningbeast Posted: 11 January 2008, 9:16 AM  
Here are some other suggestions emailed to me:

Had some good suggestions so far:

* Okataina Taniwha !

* Loop-the-Lake

* Lap-the Lake

* Okataina Odyssey (a nice bit of aliteration for ya!)

* Okataina Orbit

* Okataina Revolution (double meaning - revolution as in revolve around the lake, also as in to revolutionize adventure trail running)

* And for the half event "The Okataina Semi-volution"

* The Lake Legend

* As you are aware Okataina is a bit of a fishing area so how about “The Trout Run” the pun is intended. You could then have trophy’s of mounted trout. I’m pretty sure no other event (certainly none of the biggies) has a trout for a trophy. Perhaps some of the entry fee could then go stocking the lake or some other Trout Preservation project.

* Okataina Adventure Run

* Okataina Challenge

* Okataina Express

* Okataina Experience

* Loop the Lake

* Okataina 20 miler or just Okataina 20

* Okataina Eruption - Cos is in the middle of the Okataina Volcanic Centre and most of us will erupt trying to get throu the run!!

* The Okataina Uma Rapiti - If you remember the old Maori Song 'Uma Rapiti' (Run Rabbit) then maybe you might share some of the same cool memories of running to this song in your youth (I still use it as a mental booster on those last k's myself)

* The "O" for Awesome Race. I don't know if you remember wheel of fortune years ago, but David Tua asked for an O for awesome. Okataina obviously start with o. Pretty funny anyhow.

* Buggered if I want free entry (as you may well see below), would do me good though. Tis a tricky one:

"ROKUN" run around OKataina
"LALO" loop around lake okataina
"Wild Oks" (pron. "oaks") too much whiskey now
"Caldera Rumble or hustle or trial or trail or shuffle
Pumice Cruncher
Ash Dash - "No laughing matter" bit of a spin on the history

Show Profile  Paul I Posted: 12 January 2008, 9:34 AM  
...some more dodgy names

Geyserland Lakes Epic
Lakeland Epic Trail
Geyserland Lakes Pumice Punisher
Lake Okataina Volcanic Rumble
Rotorua Wonderland Classic
The Ash Trail

A great choice for such an event!
A very long time ago when people thought there was something odd about you if you wanted to run off road for a day or two, a friend and I ran these tracks as training for a mountain marathon. The Eastern Okataina in particular is an awesome running trail, beautiful native bush and scenic lake views. For Trampers the track also heads over to Lake Tarawera where you can follow it around to the 'Tarawera Outlet' a popular trout fishing spot with a nice camping area. From here the track continues down the river to a spectacular waterfall.
The Western Okataina track was more overgrown in those days, definately more of a goat track, I distinctly remember trying to circumnavigate Okataina with my brother Kevin, somewhere along the way we tried to get out to the farmland and found ourselves in some dense impenitrable undergrowth, and I mean dense. We ended up actually climbing through the treetops, no joke. It must have taken about 2 hours to go 1km! We thought we were never going to get out alive.
A more fond memory was resting overnight on the shores of Rotorua's most beautiful lake, Okataina of course, and being surrounded by a friendly Wallaby family who were cheekily trying to steel food.
The place is great, quite special really.

This message was edited by Paul I on 12 January 2008, 3:14 PM

Show Profile  Jenni Posted: 12 January 2008, 10:20 AM  
I think they already use loop the lake for the run around Lake Rotoiti in the Nelson lakes. And btw that's also a really nice run if you ever get the chance.




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