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Merry Xmas from Maptalk

Show Profile  fraser Posted: 21 December 2007, 6:23 AM  
Hi all

It's been a big year for Maptalk in 2007 with about 8,000 visitors to the site each month. The forum only just remains the most popular part of the site over the events listing which has grown to a near complete list of New Zealand's orienteering events.

This year also saw a return of the news section powered by Each news contribution also appears on and now also, helping raise the profile of orienteering to a wider audience.

The photo database developed by Simon Addison this year has also proved extremely popular, helping raise the profile of orienteering in the media or just helping put a few names to faces.

As Maptalk heads into its ninth year a large amount of both time and money has been invested into Maptalk for everyone's benefit to keep the site running.

This has come at a cost and one further development you may have noticed is a paypal donation button at the bottom of the home page.

Your ongoing support will ensure Maptalk will continue well into the future so please consider making a donation of any size.

All the best with your O training in 2008.

The Team




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