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New events on Routegadget

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 9 November 2007, 6:29 PM  
Now featuring:

Labour Weekend (last day to come, anyone have a master map?)

Cantab champs (courses 1-3 need new splits file - coming)

Auckland Champs

Show Profile  Greg Posted: 10 November 2007, 12:31 AM  
Get some sleep Martin

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 November 2007, 6:43 AM  
If you couldn't remember the link (like me) see

Martin, are there any tricks for slowing down the animation? I often want it to go slower, but repeated use of the "speed-minus" button makes it run backwards. Failing that, I'll have to ask the course 1 competitors to go back to Havelock North and run around their courses more slowly for me...

Show Profile  SimonB Posted: 10 November 2007, 10:18 AM  
its under links at the top of the maptalk page man...

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 13 November 2007, 3:45 PM  
events are up to date now.

because of the small scale of sprint maps, you can only go so slow, and yes if you keep pressing - it will go backwards.

you can compare lengths of different routes people take by looking at the pixel length of route in the top right corner

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 14 November 2007, 5:28 AM  
Thanks Martin, nice work!




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