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Orienteering Trip Expressions

Show Profile  addison Posted: 8 November 2007, 3:44 AM  
On behalf of Barry Hanlon

World Masters Orienteering Championships, Portugal 2008, and Oringen Sweden 2008

Under the umbrella of Ozzie Kangaroos I am seeking expressions of interest in a discounted airfare to:
World Masters Orienteering Championships, Portugal 2008, and Oringen Sweden 2008.

The target arrival date in Lisbon is 26 June, departing Sydney 25 June.
The target departure date from Stockholm is 28 July, arriving Sydney 30 July.

In between WMOC and Oringen you can tour your favourite places in Europe. Perhaps even participate in the public events at WOC in the Czech Republic on the way to Oringen.

There are no flights from Asian hubs direct to Lisbon. Whatever flight combination is our best deal will be via a major European gateway (London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, etc.) with add-on sector fares within Europe.

Sector airfares within Europe can be arranged at around A$180 per coupon.

To determine whether there is enough interest in arranging a special sports group airfare, I need to know numbers so I have something to discuss with the airlines. At this stage I can be certain of at least a 10 percent discount on the best economy fare to a European hub, but if the numbers are sufficient we could do a lot better than that.

Barry Hanlon
Ozzie Kangaroos
02 9872 2914

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