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Control 90

Show Profile  elishasport Posted: 14 October 2007, 12:20 AM  

The inaugural Macpac Control 90 was held last weekend with 37 teams taking part, a total of 80 participants.
Labelled a ‘Multisport Rogaine’ – the event bridges adventure racing, multisport and rogaining. Another Nathan Fa’avae creation, the Control 90 had teams racing for as many of the 90 controls they could using 3 core disciplines, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.
The format of the event was that teams had 4 hours for each section to score the maximum amount of points they could before the 4 hours was up. Once clocked in they had a 2-hour break before the next 4-hour section.
The start times were 8am, 2pm and 8pm, which meant the hiking rogaine, finished at midnight.

Fa’avae said that the event is an extension of a 24-hour adventure race and was designed to make competing as easy as possible.

In a normal 24-hour race, the winning team often takes about 12-hours with the slower teams up to 24. While these are great events, they are really 2 different events in one. The Control 90 is designed to keep everyone in the same event, teams do not need a support crew because all the legs start and finish in the same area, teams know that they will only ever be out on the course for up to 4 hours at a time and the breaks ensure a high social element is maintained.

Fa’avae adds “I really think this event will take off because the format gives us a lot of room to cater for different abilities. Some controls are harder to get than others so people can be challenged at whatever level they are at, without the whole event being sanitised to cater for the least skilled people. Essentially it is a 12-hour adventure race but all teams are on course for 12-hours, it’s just that some go further than others. The biggest difference though is that navigation becomes a key component which is often not a big factor in normal adventure racing – for me personally – the Control 90 is my ultimate event”

The 2007 event was based from Okiwi Bay Holiday Park, which is purposely designed to make the event as easy to take part in. Okiwi Bay is nestled in Croisilles Harbour, 30km north of Nelson on the outer Marlborough Sounds. The event started with the sea kayak section where teams had 4-hours to visit as many of the 30 controls as they could. High winds on the day meant that half the course was reserved for only the experienced sea kayakers but it still gave all teams a chance to get out in the harbour and enjoy the experience.

Following lunch was a mountain bike rogaine, which was mainly in forestry with some coastal riding. Firebreaks, single track and even some native bush hike a bike meant route choices were abundant. On a hot sunny afternoon, teams enjoyed the biking section.
After dinner, which was, based around a ‘pig on a spit’, the teams headed out into the night for the foot rogaine. A clear and cool night made for perfect conditions, glow worms, stars and some coasteering made for memorable night.
Added to the fun and challenge, each section had 3 special tests on it, this is were teams had to complete a task before they could punch the control. These involved a ropes course, golf chipping, darts, drain pipe caving, jetty climbing, stone throwing, playground gymnastics and more.

The teams thought it was a great concept, idea and event. They hugely praised the Macpac Control 90.

The 2008 event is being planned for mid October and will be held at Lake Brunner or Lake Wanaka.

Grade winners

Mixed team 2
B&T Brent Stuart / Tiffany Farnsworth 2660

Mixed team 40+
TBA Kim Harker / Annabel Traill 1970

Girls 2
Light Therapy Lisa Savage / Mary Jowet 1910

Girls 2 40+
Lisa and Michelle Lisa and Michelle 2190

Boys 2
Scott / Leppin Phil Wood / Tane Humphrey 2610

Boys 2 40+
Martin & Harris Ltd Andrew Martin / John Harris 2650

Juniors 2
Tim Farrant / Huntly Adams 1960

Mixed team 4
Secret Escritoire Cris Lovel-smith / Michael Smithson 2170
Viv Prince / Gina Waibl

Adventure racing team
Pops be still Kerry Parker / Iain Graham 1230
Luean Davey / Nadin McKinnon




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