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Oceania Championships

Show Profile  Bryn Posted: 30 September 2007, 1:34 PM  
Some good results in Junior grades, Great to see Duncan and Jack winning there grades not to sure what happened in m21e out of the 5 men only 2 finished and greg doing 21A and MP

Results can be seen here

Show Profile  Martin Posted: 30 September 2007, 4:49 PM  
hopefully we'll here some stories abuot what happened. some good results all round though, keep it up

Show Profile  Casser Posted: 1 October 2007, 4:03 AM  
For the testMatch DMD Pinestars the sunday race was just the warmup before mondays TestMatch(1st of 4 races), Oceania Middle Champs and World Ranking Event (all in one), which will explain the relaxed approach in the sundays competition. Today should be Skills Show Time! Let the show begin!

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 4 October 2007, 9:35 AM  
mmm yeah...bit of an average day for the pinstars on monday at the Oceania Middle Distance...apart from our super little man Ross, who beat all apart from Aussie WOC stars Julian and Shep.

In the guys Neil, James and Greg all made early mistakes in the tricky rock detail, and all made a couple of major late blunders to fall back.

The girls went better, but weren't confident enough in the terrain to compete with the top Aussie women.

Hopefully we will compete better this weekend starting with the sprint tomorrow.

Having a good time and enjoying watching the success of the juniors :-)

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 10 October 2007, 10:50 AM  
Wonder why the news and comment have dried up, surely you're not all crying into your glasses over that other sport are you?

Australia recorded 20-4 wins over NZ in both days of the ANZ Challenge at the weekend. Not that far from realistic expectations, though as always below hopes:-)) Winning classes were M and W20, M and W60 in the individual; and W60 replaced by W65 in the relay.

The two events were also the Oceania Long Distance and Relay Champs. Oceania Champions are Lizzie Ingham (W20), Dave Middleton (M60) and Trish Aspin (W60). Michael Wood and Jill Dalton made it 1-2 in the latter classes. Other second placings were Cameron Metherell (M10), Selena Metherell (W14), Simon Jager (M20), Susan Edwards (W35), Raewyn Simpson (W40) and Gavin Scott (M65).

And though Friday's Oceania Sprint Champs would have had lower than normal Australian participation, there were some brilliant kiwi results on a complex school campus. 12 wins and over a third of the available placings went to NZ.

Show Profile  Jamie Posted: 10 October 2007, 1:19 PM  
I suspect that Simon is busy with Waitangi and I have been busy with Endurance Sport...I'm hoping to do an oceania review for maptalk/sportzhub tomorrow...

Would be awesome if more people contributed the occasional article for maptalk news...thats the idea behind the dynamic website, a few clicks a bit of typing and voila...

Maptalk news and photos are great relatively new resources for nz orienteering that Simon has developed and put heaps of his time into, lets use them aye!

Show Profile  blairtrewin Posted: 11 October 2007, 4:26 AM  
Michael neglected to mention his finish to the relay - the team attempted to do the flag-carrying run-in, but unfortunately didn't quite coordinate Dave and Wayne's flag-holding with Michael's running, leaving Michael sprawled in the gravel ten metres short of the finish line (how's the elbow?). Would have made some interesting footage for YouTube if anyone had been videoing.

Show Profile  addison Posted: 11 October 2007, 4:55 AM  
Would seem silly if I wrote something Michael, considering I was here in NZ and you were over there (amongst many others).

Show Profile  Michael Posted: 16 October 2007, 3:38 AM  
Not silly at all I reckon. Those at home have much better internet access than those on the move. Once the results go up there's a fair bit of raw material available.

Unfortunately we're missing a media officer, who would arrange with someone onsite to phone in between-the-lines info. Disappointed nothing on the NZOF site yet after the schools result. Maybe its a new strategy to target youth:-))




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